Sugar Daddy Dating Guide – The Man’s Guide to a Confident Sugar Daddy

It is more than just good looks

Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean girls will automatically flock to you and go on a sugar dating spree.

The last 70 years of Hollywood movies have shown us that using your wealth to end up a recluse a nice remote mansion will make you die a lonely old man, and no rich man wants that.

Therefore here are the tips needed to become a confident sugar daddy:


Be proud of what makes you rich

Sugar babies are happy when you are happy and this means that you must be proud of what brings you tremendous wealth. In sugar dating, a balance of pride and humility is key to it all.

Even if what makes you an affluent individual isn’t as extravagant as others don’t mean that it’s not something to be proud with.

You might make millions from selling pencils, or even just playing video games for a living. However, girls do not mind the ways you make your wealth as long as you can show her some pride from yourself.

They want an assuring sugar daddy that they can believe in, and thus pride is key to being a sugar daddy.

Know When to be Dominant

Many people have a misconception that for a man to be dominant is to disrespect a woman’s boundaries, but in this sweet sweet world, dominance is a sign of a man’s power and confidence. It’s like saying “I’m in control and I’m gonna show the world who’s boss”, and it’s definitely a key to make your sugar babies fall head over heels for you.

Women tend to be attracted by men who are dominant as it gives them a sense of security.  Basically, they just want to find someone who has their shit together and who’s not afraid to show that they care.

Know your role, you’re the provider, the mentor, the “daddy”. Sugar babies are attracted to men whom they can look up to. 


Listen to Her

Here’s the common fact: Women like to talk. A lot. And we as men should respect that.

Women love to be heard by those who want to love them and provide for them. They have millions of dreams and aspirations with prospective sugar daddies.

You should listen, agree, ask her questions and continue listening until she believes in you and your wealth.


Impress Her With Your Skills

Women love a guy whose display of wealth is proven physically and mentally. Impressing her during sugar dating would attract her more to you.

If they want a sugar daddy that can send her to Paris, then you can prove it to them. Show them your language skills in French or respond to them with knowledge about the streets of Paris. If she wants a car, then you can show her the parking lot where your Maserati is. If she wants to study in a top British university, then show her a nice cheque equivalent to a year’s worth of university fees. It’s the ideal way of proving that you are the best sugar daddy for her.


Be Positive

They say wealth doesn’t give you happiness. This is true, but just because it doesn’t give you happiness doesn’t mean that it’d prevent you from finding true love or even happiness.

Searching for a woman who wants you to be her sugar daddy might discover the key to unleashing your true happiness.

Remember, no one knows what makes you happy but some people can show you true happiness.

A sugar relationship should not be seen as a compensation, but should instead be seen as the gateway to indulge in life’s luxuries. Now go out there and browse @