The Broke College Kid

It was my senior year of college when I inadvertently tripped and stumbled into the sugar bowl. I was a typical twenty-one year old party girl and he was a forty-seven year old divorced lawyer. I remember receiving my first gift – a box delivered to my dorm stuffed full of hoodies and yoga pants from the Pink store. I know it doesn’t sound very glamorous, but for a broke college kid it was like winning the lottery.

When he moved out of state six months later, I knew I wanted to find that sort of relationship again. The only problem was, I had no idea how to seek out a relationship that I couldn’t yet define. For the next five years I learned to navigate the sugar world through a mess of embarrassing moments and rocky relationships. Every misstep and every mistake is a fond memory of my incredible journey.

Am I Doing This Right?

As a rookie sugar baby I probably asked myself this question every day. When you first enter the sugar bowl, your head will be flooded with questions. You’ll wonder how you’re supposed to ask for what you want, or if your mom will think you’re some sort of prostitute. My first few arrangements were very one-sided because I was afraid to ask for what I really wanted. Learning to be assertive is important because it weeds out sugar daddies who will selfishly serve their own needs. You will quickly learn about the various types of arrangements and be able to determine what you can reasonably expect to get out of a sugar relationship.

Trial and Error

I have made many mistakes since I started sugar dating, most of them resulting from over-excitement or arrogance. One of the worst mistakes you can make, in my experience, is getting greedy. When the gifts start flowing and you realise that this person you’re with has more money than you’ll hope to make in a lifetime, it’s easy to take advantage and ask him for the world. There is an appropriate way to alter your arrangement and ask for more help if you need it. There is also the horribly inappropriate way of demanding more and more without ever showing any real gratitude. You’re both human beings with feelings; don’t ever lose sight of that.

Expert Level

Becoming a superstar sugar baby depends largely on the sugar daddies you create your arrangements with. Always make your comfort and safety a top priority. I pay close attention to red flags, like a sugar daddy who is clearly seeking sex in exchange for money (please kindly redirect yourself to the Escorts section of Backpage, sir ?). It is also important to only commit to what you know you can give. If you work full-time, you may not be able to commit to a sugar daddy who wishes to meet twice per week. Sugar dating is meant to be enjoyable and exciting. If it’s not, you probably need to reevaluate what you’re doing. You will make mistakes, and you will find yourself in arrangements that just aren’t working. As long as you’re learning, you’re doing it right.

Discover yourself, be happy, and live the life you want.