The Sugar Baby

An individual who enjoys the finer things in life. He/She usually seeks mentorship, financial support and companionship from their Sugar Daddy under the terms of an agreed-upon arrangement. Most times, genuine feelings of love and long-term relationships form and grow.



She could be a student, a single mom or simply a goal-focused woman who seeks a higher class of life. They often end up building a professional network of contacts through quality time spent with their Sugar Daddy.



Sugarbook is made up of a large quantity of students in colleges and universities. These sugar babies often benefit from the mentorship, generous allowances, exotic vacations and shopping sprees across the globe.


Privacy Is Key

Discretion is the ultimate rule while using Sugarbook site. The perfect sugar relationship is built with wealth and trust. Focus on helping your Sugar Daddy maintain the fun and keep it between yourselves, the rewards a Sugar Baby receives in return is astonishing!

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