Do you think your boyfriend is a little too much sometimes? You might wonder if it’s just you, and that you’re probably overthinking things. But are you really? 

The thing is – if you’re having the slightest bit of thought that something’s wrong in your relationship, you’re probably right. 

A healthy normal relationship wouldn’t make you feel like your boyfriend could possibly be showing some signs of a control freak. 

If you want to confirm whether you’re dealing with a controlling boyfriend, take note of these 11 signs below: 

11 Confirmed Signs Of An Obsessive Controlling Boyfriend 

1) Constant criticisms are part of your daily life

‘You put too much makeup on, I don’t like it.’ ‘You’ve put on a lot of weight.’ ‘That dress makes you look really fat’. 

Does this all sound familiar to you? Honey please, those are signs of a control freak! No one has the right to ‘comment’ on every single thing about you. 

Providing feedback is one thing – but if it’s constantly nitpicking you and putting you down about your body or personality, that’s downright verbally abusive


2) You rarely get to see your family or friends anymore

This is a huge red flag when it comes to dealing with a controlling boyfriend. Once you start noticing how you’re so isolated from your friends and family, he’s trying to take control of your whole life. 

He wants you to spend ALL of your attention and time on him. Nothing should be more important than your boyfriend – that’s exactly what an obsessive controlling boyfriend would try to instil in you. 


3) You’re always in the wrong

Every time you disagree on something, he gets mad. Because he’s always right, remember? 

If he’s an obsessive controlling boyfriend, he’s gonna be telling you that you’re always up in your head. Slowly, you’ll lose trust in yourself and begin to lean towards his opinions. 


4) There are unreasonable rules in your relationship

Can’t wear that favourite top because your beau says you’re not allowed to? 

Don’t let a man tell you what you can or can’t do. If he has unreasonable rules like this, leave him. You don’t deserve an obsessive controlling boyfriend by your side. 


5) You don’t have privacy 

Do you know what’s one of the major signs of a control freak? It’s when you have zero privacy. Heck, privacy doesn’t even exist in your relationship!

He’s always reading your text messages, checking your emails, phone calls, literally everything. There are no boundaries in his book. Does this sound like your man? 

Well, your boo is an obsessive controlling boyfriend. You deserve the right to have your own privacy. Who wants a partner that’s always checking up on you? Sounds like a stalker, instead of an actual boyfriend. 


6) You’re apologizing frequently

Take a long hard look back at your relationship. How many times have you uttered the word ‘sorry’ throughout the whole time you’ve been with your beau? 

Unless you’re some sort of criminal, there’s no reason for you to be sorry repeatedly, especially if you have no clue what you did wrong. 

If you’re dealing with a controlling boyfriend, he’ll make you feel like everything is your fault and put all the blame on you (also known as gaslighting).


7) You feel insecure or unworthy

In a healthy relationship, you would feel like a total goddess. He’ll treat you like a true queen you are, there’s no room for insecurities or feeling not good enough. 

But in an unhealthy relationship, once you start feeling like you’re a total nobody, that’s a sign of an obsessive controlling boyfriend.  

One of the obvious major signs of a control freak is when he’s trying to take control of how you feel about yourself. 


8) You can’t live without him in your life

When’s the last time you ever felt independent and free? If you find yourself barely getting by without your beau by your side, you’re dealing with a controlling boyfriend, honey. 

When you’re dealing with a controlling boyfriend, he’ll try to rob away any ounce of independence left within you. He wants you to depend on him financially, emotionally, and physically. 

He would make you feel like you absolutely can’t live without him. Taking him out of the equation, and it’ll feel like you have nothing left to live for, literally. 


9) You don’t feel comfortable being around him 

Girl, if you feel this, that’s a huge red flag. Call the popos over please, because a relationship shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable at all! 

Maybe it’s how he teases you or touches you without consent. Whatever it is, as long as you feel uncomfortable, something’s up here. 

Not only is that a sign of an obsessive controlling boyfriend, but it’s also a sign of an abusive relationship. 

If your boy is giving you the creeps, you might need to consider getting out of the relationship, pronto! 


10) Your opinions or values don’t matter 

Do you ever notice how whenever you’re talking, your boyfriend interrupts immediately? Or when he starts to dismiss your opinions wholeheartedly, without even listening to what you have to say. 

Unfortunately, those are signs of a control freak which you may not even realize it at first. If you’re thinking ‘oh that’s just the way he is’. Honey, that’s not the way to treat a girlfriend! 

Don’t be making excuses for him – if he completely ignores your opinions or general values and thinks that only his are valid, then that’s a sign of an obsessive controlling boyfriend.  


11) You don’t believe in your goals anymore 

If you’ve always been passionate about your goals in life and now you don’t even believe in them, you might be dealing with a controlling boyfriend. 

An obsessive controlling boyfriend would try to make you feel like your goals aren’t good enough. He might even try to persuade you to not pursue them. 

No matter how smart or talented you are, a controlling boyfriend would always tell you otherwise. 


Wondering what you should do now after realizing your boyfriend is showing signs of a control freak? It’s time to break up with him, honey! There’s no use staying with a man that tries to control your every move, or pretty much your entire life. 

Girl, know your worth and that you deserve better. Don’t let any men dim your lights or limit who you can be. 

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