Regardless of what you think, let’s all just get over the fact that if you have a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you are in a relationship. Sure, it’s an arrangement, but you’re dating each other. And with keeping that perspective in mind, you’re going to need to have some boundaries, just like you would in any other relationship. People can get weird with these types of relationships because they don’t consider them actual relationships and more of a getaway from their real lives. But, this is real life, baby. Though sugar dating is a no-strings-attached relationship, there are some boundaries that come along with it.

Respect is key

Aretha Franklin didn’t sing this word out letter for letter without reason. Sure, this is an arrangement, but without mutual respect, this relationship isn’t going to be enjoyable for either party. You’re in this relationship for a reason – maybe you want a couple extra pairs of Chanel shoes or perhaps some good looking company to have dinner with. But whatever your reasons are, establishing respect between you two will reinforce the boundaries that you made.

Get down to the basics

You’ll need to establish what your basic rules are, regardless if you’re a sugar daddy or sugar baby. Think of these questions when establishing your boundaries.

  • Do you want your sugar daddy/baby to know your name?
  • Do you want your sugar daddy/baby to know where you live?
  • Do you want your sugar daddy/baby to know where you work?
  • Do you want them to have access to your social media accounts?
  • Can they call you or text you out of your arranged meeting hours?
  • Can you post pictures of you two together?

You may not think of these questions nor think of them as a big deal in the beginning, but setting up these basic boundaries will give you both an understanding of how you two want the relationship to look like. Also, if these boundaries are crossed, you’ll be able to reimplement them with ease.

Saying no in the bedroom

The worst thing that can happen is that when you decide to be intimate, they come up with a list of things they like and don’t when you’re there. This has to be settled beforehand. What if you’re not sexually compatible? Perhaps your sugar daddy/baby is expecting some Fifty Shades of Grey action while you’re more of a vanilla person. 

At the end of the day, communication and consent are key. In your sugar relationship, it’s crucial that you take the time to communicate your needs and requests. Just because you’ve both communicated your wants and needs, it still doesn’t mean a yes unless consent is given on both sides. Sure, it may be a little awkward for you, but if you’re honest and straight up in the beginning, then you’ll be well on your way to a respectful sugar relationship.