A lot of people say that clothes don’t make the man, but they’re one of the first things that you’re going to notice when you meet a potential Sugar partner. The way he dresses is an expression of his personality as well as his financial status. If you’re the type to fall for anyone in a suit, it’s time to go into sartorial rehab and start looking more carefully. You’re looking for SUGAR, not Splenda. You can’t walk up and lick him, so you’re going to have to develop an eye for detail and educate yourself on what little things can give a fake away.

Watches are important. They just are. A man who wears a watch usually takes time seriously. At the very least, he wants to look as if he does, and his choice of watch says something about him. Don’t get hung up on Rolexes and Richard Milles, it’s not just about expense. He might be a simple type who likes Swiss Army or Timex. He might be a techie with an Apple watch. However? Fossils and Michael Kors watches are out of the question. Why? Those brands are super trendy and undistinguished. They’re not stylish, just imitations of style. A watch can be inexpensive, but it should never be or look cheap.

If you read magazines like GQ, Esquire, and T magazine you’ll see how stylists put together the perfect male outfit. Study the images and the ads carefully. Rip out photos of models wearing suits and think about how the suit is cut, the drape of the fabric, and what fabrics are considered tasteful. A sloppy looking suit might not mean that he’s sloppy or poor, but it may mean that he doesn’t care about how he looks. That could go either way because his lack of caring for himself may be a way that you can help him later on, but that’s your decision. You’re also looking at the collar and cuffs of his shirt for wear, tear and staining. His tie tells you if he has an eye for colour, does he care enough to use a tie clip, and if he can eat unsupervised.


Any shoes worn with a suit should be in perfect condition  and shined (unless we’re thinking casual suit, T-shirt, sneakers). A fashionable suit, with scuffed and run down shoes is a bad look and one that is very jarring. Ugly, cheap and unpolished shoes are a  very telling detail. A man dressed professionally has to be dressed from haircut to feet, no exceptions. A Splenda never looks comfortable in his clothes, even if they’re brand new. Something is always off, like the shoes are scuffed or he has a terrible haircut, or he’s always talking about how much things cost. They show off the Rolex to blind you, but it might be a knockoff.

This blogger once dated a man with great taste in clothes and sad, cheap shoes. Being charitable and non-judgemental, I later found out that he were indeed very sloppy, and somewhat shady. I will never do that again. If he’s real sugar and has to wear a suit for work or socially, that’s his battle dress. A real sugar daddy knows his details and never forgets them, because those details tell everyone what he’s worth and get him respect. Real sugar has an innate sense of worth that can’t be faked or duplicated. That’s why sugar babies love them so much!