So you did all the right things, made a great impression and landed the fish you were looking for. Congratulations! After the rush of first dates wear off, real personalities and personality conflicts can arise. While the sugar baby was all sweetness and light at the beginning, six months later they’re not laughing at daddy’s jokes as enthusiastically. Daddy might not be able to slip away as often and may be losing his patience with too many demands. How do you handle it?

Having been in a few long term sugar friendships and one sugar marriage, I’ve learned through trial and error how not to get bogged down in misunderstandings. If you want a relationship and not a one-night stand, you may need to work at it. Here are my favourite tips for keeping your sugar arrangement upbeat, happy and stress free!

Don’t Take Everything Personally

If you aren’t getting a text back right away or if an offhand remark about a spouse gets your hackles up automatically, learn how to let that stuff slide. Why? Because it’s not part of the package and will only drive your sugar away. Learn to take the bitter with the sweet and concentrate on the sweet. It’s not always about you, just like it can’t always be about them. Just remember, you can pick at the crumbs or just enjoy the cookie. Pick the cookie! You can sweep up the boring crumbs later.

Never Pick Fights You Can’t Win

 It’s not always a good idea to provoke a reaction in order to feel loved. Some people love to fight, because fighting can be mistaken for passion. The only problem is when things go too far and words that can’t be retracted are said. If either of the parties involved are really angry about something, talk it out. Anger and passion are not the same thing. If you want to ignite passion in your sugar relationship? Try genuinely caring about something that the other person is interested in and asking them about it and genuinely listening. You’d be surprised how exciting that can be!

Learn To Laugh

Life isn’t just about flirting and being alluring. Sometimes a little silliness is the best way to keep your sugar super sweet. A tender joke that only you two share builds a relationship up. It’s like bonding. Not taking yourself too seriously can defuse tension and add to your Sugar Daddy’s admiration of you. Be open and curious and unafraid to enjoy the laughter that is normal between two people who spend time together. Just because it’s a sugar relationship doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Focus On Now

After 6 months, those feel good honeymoon hormones are gone and if you’re still together your sugar relationship may start feeling like work. You may start obsession on little things that happened or start comparing this relationship to one on the past. Don’t. I repeat, do not. Focus on the moment and realistically evaluate where you are and if you want to be there. Think about what flowers to put on the table for dinner, or  how gorgeous the smile on your Sugar Daddy’s face is when he sees you. The moment you’re in is the one that matters. Use it!

Be Your own Best Friend

Sugar relationships are different from regular ones. A lot of Sugar Babies are looking for emotional fulfilment in addition to financial help. If you learn to fill up the spaces in your life with hobbies, a small business, or study you’ll be better off. It doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be yours. Make sure you have something outside of the relationship, just in case. Being productive goes a long way towards making you a happy, sugary person with a healthy sense of self that any Sugar Daddy would want to invest in.