Despite the whispers and rumors, you might have heard, the answer to the question, “What is a sugar daddy” is really not so mysterious. Sugar daddies are people, often exceptional people in their field, who are looking for someone with whom they can share meals, laughs, and exciting new adventures. They don’t fit the mold of “significant other” or “partner,” because they’d much rather charter new paths in their romantic lives. And now more than ever, sugar daddies are sought after as easy-going, fun dates for anyone looking to enjoy the moment.

If you’re interested in learning what real sugar daddies are like, we’ve got all the answers to your burning questions. By the end, you might just find that you’d like to get to know a sugar daddy or that you’re sugar daddy material, yourself!

What kinds of people tend to become sugar daddies?

Fully Loaded

The Sugar Daddy has to have a solid source of financial backing. He does not have to be a millionaire, but his financial resources have to be sufficient enough to pamper his Sugar Baby. This is the first level of qualification to becoming a Sugar Daddy. For the first role of the Sugar Daddy is to provide for the financial needs of his Sugar Baby.

A True Gentleman 

He is chivalrous, respectful, accommodating, and caring. With security and good conversation flowing from a well-dressed gentleman, all a beautiful Sugar Baby needs is a hand that offers a seat, someone who opens the door, stays by her side and treats her like a respectable young lady.

Terms Of Agreement 

Every relationship in Sugarbook starts out with a discussion of their respective expectations. This is the part where sugar babies spell out their unique wants and needs before getting into a relationship. A relationship is formed when both parties reach an agreement.

Honest & Transparent

Any successful relationship would require honesty from both parties. Here at Sugarbook, we are strong believers in being clear with one another and in the relationship.

If the description of real sugar daddies resonated with you, you just might be ready to start your own journey of sugar dating! Get ready to mingle with interesting people, share what sets you apart with a willing partner, and above all else, have fun!