There is always that one girl who makes your heart beat faster. 

When she is right beside you, you wish you could hold her in your arms. You can’t stop thinking about her when she is with you and when she is away. The thought of her creeps through your mind. 

No matter how hard you try to resist, she is all you could think of. The thought of her feeling the same about you just penetrates your mind. Does she love you back, or is it all but wishful thinking? Looking for some clues that she is into you? Here are 10 signs she secretly likes you back. 

10 signs she secretly likes you 

1. Playing with her hair 

A woman’s hair is a very attractive part of herself. She spends time grooming her hair to make sure it looks good on her. When a woman likes a man, she will constantly play with her hair. This is the number one sign a girl likes you and has the hots for you. 

She will be fidgeting her hair, twirling her fingers around her hair, combing through her hair, and adjusting it very often to make sure it always looks good when she is around you. It is also a very instinctive base action for women to play with their hair when they are around someone they like. It makes them feel sexy and also helps them keep their cool and tame their attraction around the man they adore. 


2. Stealing glances 

For a man, they will use every opportunity to appreciate the women they like. This includes looking at the women ever so often. It never goes unnoticed. A man would make direct eye contact with the woman until a woman blush and look away. If a man loves a woman, the woman would usually notice it much sooner. 

On the other hand, women tend to be more subtle. This is why it is important to pay close attention to the cues women show. Women can be shy and will not make their desires known too easily. 

Women prefer to steal glances at the man they are attracted to. Before the man notices the woman looking, it is very likely the woman would swiftly dart her eyes away, avoiding direct eye contact. One of the signs she secretly l you deeply is when you manage to catch her stealing glances at you. 


3. Jealousy 

She gets jealous seeing you with another woman; this is a sign of a girl like you for sure. The mere sight of you with another woman drives her crazy. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a friend. 

When she spots you talking to another woman or admiring someone else, she gets jealous and wishes that the girl you are spending time with is her. She might either try to hide her feelings or it can be written in her expressions. 


4. She gets nervous around you

Another sure-fire way to know if she is attracted to you? She no longer talks comfortably around you like how you both first did when you were just normal friends. 

She starts to act awkward around you and her conversation isn’t as smooth as it was before. She will begin to sound nervous, smile shyly, fidgeting her hands, or cradling both arms while talking to you. She might even blush when trying to hold a conversation with you. 


5. She Laughs At Your Jokes 

When a woman is into you, most likely she finds you funny. She enjoys your sense of humor, even if you lack one. This is because she finds you interesting in the first place. And a woman loves a man who makes her laugh. 

Go ahead and tell her your lame jokes- she will probably laugh even if it’s not funny. This is a big sign she secretly likes you. 


6. Intonation 

Women tend to speak with a different tone towards someone they have feelings for. This is especially obvious through telephone conversions. Their voice tends to sound sweeter and softer, probably even cuter. 

The next time both of you are chatting on the phone, look out for changes in the tone of her voice when she answers your call. Compare this with how she normally speaks to others. This is a sign she secretly loves you deeply. 


7. She asks a lot of questions

When you are attracted to a person, naturally you would like to know everything there is to know about the person. This goes the same for both genders. If a woman is into you, she would like to know where you went to school, how many siblings you have, what’s your favorite movie, books, songs and what you dislike.

 If the girl of your dream is asking you a lot of questions and seems to be genuinely interested in getting to know you better, there is a very good chance she is secretly in love with you. 


8. She tells Her Friends About You 

How do you know for sure if a woman is secretly in love with you? Simple. She tells her BFFs about you. If you are close to her friends, you can be sure your name has come up during their conversations. 

A secret to know if she likes you? Get to know her friends well, they might just spill the beans and let you know she has been talking about you when you are not around. 


9. She finds reasons to spend more time with you

A very good sign for a girl like you is when she would find any reason to spend more time with you. Don’t be surprised if she calls you up to help her fix her broken laptop or just get dinner together just because she is around the corner. She might even try to get you to teach her something new just so that you will be spending more time with her. 


10. She wants to spend time with your buddies

If a girl is seriously into you, she would want to hang out with your friends. She might start to offer to show up to a guy’s night out just to get to know your friends better. 

She would love to hear stories about you from your friends or just buddy up and score brownie points with your mates. This is a sign she secretly likes you. 


If you notice these 10 signs in the woman you like; you can be sure she is already in love with you and is probably just waiting for you to make the move. She may also be playing it safe just to be sure you feel the same way about her too. 

Start planning out your next move on her if you are genuinely interested in having a romantic relationship with her. Decide how you are going to court her and ask her out for dates. 

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