According to marriage statistics in Singapore for 2019, more marriages ended in divorce compared to the number of couples tying the knot that year. 

Sometimes, marriages fall apart. 

Misunderstandings, negative emotions, and arguments bottle up until the most amicable solution left on the table is to part ways. 

In the words of Coco Chanel, ‘Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping it will transform into a door’.

Now that you’ve moved on, the idea of getting back on the dating scene is playing at the back of your mind.   

We know we know, you’ve already been through the whole dating, marriage, and divorce fiasco, why would you put yourself through the whole headaching mess again?

Plus, divorcees always have a bad rep, especially in the dating scene. 

But what if we told you that there is a way to move on and rebuild new, happy memories with someone(s) without all the judgements and unnecessary drama? A chance that your life after divorce is only going to get even more exciting?

Hear us out!

Reasons why you should try Sugar Dating

1 – Relationship on your terms 

One (or several) failed marriage(s) later, you’re most likely tired of beating around the bush. In ‘traditional’ dating norms, being upfront with what you want might not get you far. In fact, you might even come off sounding like a douche. 

Whereas in the sugar bowl, it’s what the relationships are all about. 

Sugar relationships involve laying out all the terms of the relationship like exclusivity, intimacy, and expectations from the get-go. Feel genuinely pampered and cared for again by someone who truly cares!

Whether you prefer to go slow and be discreet at the start, discuss it with your potential sugar partner(s) to make sure that you are on the same page. 


2 – Drama-free relationship

‘Drama-free’ is not something you would usually use to describe a relationship, but it’s what sugar relationships are all about. 

Leave all the unnecessary stress and drama in the past, and dive into an exciting, honest, and ‘easy’ relationship. You don’t necessarily even need to do the whole ‘chase’ to impress each other, unless you want to!

And as long as you have the capacity, you can have as many drama-free relationships as you wish 😉


3 – Recover from a bad marriage

Going from ‘we’ to ‘me’ sure gets lonely. Not to mention all the big changes happening across various aspects of your life. Your life was already hectic enough before the lawyers, court dates, financial problems, the soon-to-be ex-spouse, and the heartache.

Having a Sugar Daddy (SD), Sugar Mommy (SD), or Sugar Baby (SB) who truly cares about you by your side offers a much-needed distraction from whatever you are going through. 

A refuge who can cushion all the negative emotions with no judgements and hidden agendas could be your ticket to getting your life back on track.


4 – Regain self-confidence

Divorce, whether an amicable one or a messy one, can make you feel unwanted and unappreciated like a wrecking ball has just smashed your confidence into a billion tiny pieces. 

In this instance, getting back in the dating arena and meeting new people will surely give you a refreshing (and much needed) boost of confidence while countering all the negative emotions you have been dealing with. 


Tips on dating a sugar divorcee

That being said, there are some things that you should keep in mind when dating a sugar divorcee. It’s not much different from a regular relationship, except it requires an extra helping of patience and understanding. 

For instance, there might be different boundaries, or there may be a list of different do’s and don’ts that you need to take note of. 

💡 Make sure he/she is divorced, not separated 

A POT who’s separated means that they are still in the midst of a divorce. Or in other words, still legally married. 

We’re not saying you should end the relationship altogether, but you can at least set realistic expectations for yourself. 

A POT who’s still in the process of divorce might not be able to commit fully either because they have too much on their plate or they are just not ready to fully open up. There may also be a chance where they might go back to their ex. 


💡 Go slow

Taking it slow will benefit both parties. 

On one hand, you should take the time to get to know your partner as much as possible. On the other hand, your sugar partner might need some time before being willing to completely open up about their past. 

Forcing them to open up or rushing into things may drive a wedge between the two of you. It might also make them realise that it’s not what they signed up for. 


💡 Don’t disparage his ex

No one enjoys it when the topic of ‘exes’ comes up. But if you are going out with someone who’s been through a divorce, it will crop up here and there due to pre-existing commitments. You’ll also probably be their outlet for ranting about their ex. 

Regardless if they call their ex a good-for-nothing spawn of the devil, bite your tongue and never berate them! 

Firstly because being petty is just not a good colour on anyone, and secondly, you never know that there might be hidden feelings and your comments might trigger their defence mechanism instead. 


💡 Understand the children situation

The subject of kids can be a sensitive issue. 

Especially if it’s their first time going through a divorce, they might just be getting used to their new situation too. 

Whatever it is, you should always take a back seat approach, and play the role of an understanding supporter. 

Also, take it from us, ensure that your sugar partner’s children have no mutual connection to you whatsoever (other than your partner) because things will get messier than it needs to be. 


💡 Be discreet

Someone who’s divorced or going through a divorce might’ve left their ex-wife/husband, but their entire former life pretty much remains the same. Family, friends, co-workers and all that jazz. 

If you want the sugar relationship to work out, it is important to understand that they would want to be discreet with the arrangement. Don’t worry, you’ll still be going on dates, but you should be respectful of their low-key choice of dates. 

It’s bad enough that they’re going through the adversities of divorce, they definitely don’t need any more unwelcomed judgements from anyone else.


In essence, the beneficial and no-fuss nature of sugar dating is perfect for anyone who’s going through a divorce and wants to get back in the dating arena. 

You can’t be asked to go through the usual tedious decorum of dating, and you also can’t be too upfront with your terms without coming off as a pompous prick. 

Except, of course, at Sugarbook!

Take as much time as you need to heal. When you’re done healing and ready to give sugar dating a shot, you know where to find us!