Is texting becoming the main ingredient of great relationships?

Can you really express everything you need to express by tapping your fingers on a screen and hoping for it to come across as just how you want it? 

The answer might surprise you, and it is a yes!

People usually think texting is a limited method of communication as it takes away crucial elements such as the tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language. 

Then, there’s the dreaded ‘k’ which could mean anything from ‘OK’ to ‘I hate your guts’.

Nevertheless, keeping in contact through texting is becoming essential in modern relationships. It’s a way to stay connected, and it also sparks excitement for the next time you meet. 

Annoyingly, not all of us are born with natural texting talents. 

Do you want to text your man/woman but can’t seem to hold down a text session?

As usual, we got you! 

Here, we’ve listed some tips as well as ideas for the types of messages you can send to bae to ignite a texting avalanche.

Cute texts to send men

Keep it light and funny

There are many ways that you can be funny through text, even with no typing involved. 

See a funny/relatable meme, article, or YouTube video? Send it! 

GIFs are also important to help you express how you’re feeling in a humorous way.

Don’t just revolve your texting around humour though, as you want to stay out of the ‘bro’ zone. To balance it out, see our flirty texts to send your man so that he knows you’re not in this just for the bants.


Keep it cheerful

No one likes to be around Debbie Downer. 

You want to send him cute texts that will put a smile on his face rather than dread replying to you. 

The next time you feel like the conversation is going dreary, try these:

“Texting you cheers me up all the time”

“You kept creeping into my mind all day”

“Are you even real?”


Keep it flirty

Regardless of what stage of the relationship you’re in, being flirty signals interest. 

Keep it light in the beginning by sticking to compliments like:

 “Saw your gym story on Instagram, 🔥🔥🔥!”

Once the relationship progresses and you’re feeling more comfortable with each other, flirt flirt flirt!

Flirty texts to send your man:

“I’m freezing rn, wish you were here for some warmth”

“I just can’t stop thinking about you”

“Goodnight hottie. Feel free to take over my dreams tonight 😍


Keep it interesting

It doesn’t have to be rocket science, pick a topic where there’s a common interest and let the text session unfold!

“I had the best banana leaf rice at this new place today. Have you been there yet?”

“Are you binge-watching anything lately?”

“Did you watch the latest controversial video from Shout SG?”


Keep it mysterious

One way to be mysterious is to hook them in with an exciting story, and set them up to look forward to seeing you! This will also give you something to talk about the next time you meet 😉

It can go something like this:

You: “Speaking of alcohol, I’ve vowed to swear off tequila shots since high school!”

Him: “Spill!”

You: “It’s a long story though! How about I tell you the next time we meet? If you deserve it 😈”


Cute texts to send women

Short texts

Long texts can come off as desperate and even a little weird. 

A rule of thumb is to stay between 2 to 3 sentences for each text. 

“You looked great today. I didn’t see you, but you look great every day :)”

“Wanna trade secrets?”

“You, me, happy hour?”


Cheeky texts

When you feel it getting monotonous with too many boring, ‘formal’ questions, inject some cheekiness to steer the mood back to fun-land.

“At least the day is over soon! Get that cute head to work so I can have all your attention later”

“How are you still single?”

“Btw, I have a giant cookie with your name on it. But I won’t let it go without a date in return”


Spontaneous texts

Receiving a cute text in the middle of the day can brighten anyone’s day as it shows that you’re on their minds.

If you’re seeing them later, try these:

“Excited for our date! Couldn’t think of anything else all day”

“Only a few hours till my day gets better again!”

If you’re not:

“Swear I thought I heard your laugh just now. Maybe I just miss you”

“My cat wanted you to know that he misses you 😻

“Can’t decide what to have for lunch. Help?”


“I hear you” texts

It’s a little tricky to show interest and enthusiasm with texting. 

When she’s telling a story, use these ideas to affirm that you’re listening and that you care:

“So what’s the update now?”

“What? Is that even legal for them to do that?”

“No way! Please elaborate!”


Appreciation texts

Drop an appreciation text at any time to catch your girl off guard and leave her smiling in public like an adorable idiot. 

Of course, the more sincere you are, the better!

“Your energy is so positive I can’t get enough of it”

“I can’t believe you did that! You’re really such a nice person!”

“Don’t ever leave town because I’d go mad without you”


It’s true, the ‘wrong’ way of texting opens doors to misinterpretations and miscommunications as things get lost in translation.

But it’s because of this that we need to learn how to text even more!

Unlock the benefits of texting for your relationship by using the ideas above to express yourself and stay connected through Sugarbook