Sugar is definitely the main ingredient in the recipe for a sweeter life. The journey may not be easy but there are so many important lessons that we can learn along the way. Great things happen when you’re least expecting it so keep your heads up, babies!

We have reached out to our the Sugarbook community to gather some insight from our sugar baby experts who have learned valuable lessons from sugaring.

Patience is virtue

I always look at the sugar bowl as a long term investment. Temporary satisfaction could easily get in over your head and desperation is never appealing. Be patient and the sugar will follow.

Don’t expect to just meet a wealthy man for dinner one time and he’ll fly you around the world in his private jet. You have to work hard for your arrangement because great things don’t happen overnight.

I spent countless hours sifting through profiles, communicating with as many potential sugar daddies as possible and diligently checked my inbox and even went on many Splenda dates.

At the end of the day, all the hard work paid off. I didn’t gain a lot at first but now, I am able to travel around the world in first class, wine and dine in the finest Michelin-starred restaurants and swipe my card for any luxury items that I want. If you put in enough time and effort and you’ll be rewarded.

These men have simple needs. They need your support and companionship. Show them that you are in it for the long run, and trust me you will reap the benefits. Patience is virtue!

– babyxbella


Stay selective

You want to date financially secure men who can provide you with the lifestyle you desire. Do not rush into an arrangement with someone based on income alone. Be selective about who you date. You should know what you want out of a man.

Sugar relationships can turn into long term serious relationships so if a man doesn’t meet your expectations, turn him down. Its better for the long run.

Zoe Penelope


Never settle for less

You joined Sugarbook for the finer things in life, for a sweeter life, so why would you settle for anything lesser than your expectations?

If these men joined the site but are not willing to spoil you, then they should just stay offline and try soul searching somewhere else. From the moment I started sugaring, I promised myself that I would never date a broke man again. I’m sick of the 9-5 life and I want an upgrade in life.

I gave myself a new life motto. It is so important to stay your ground, your needs are your power. Know exactly what you want, commodify your knowledge of needs and go get it.

Pick wisely and stick to your standards. Never settle. Assess what it is that you truly want and stay focused. You’re bound to find the ideal arrangement eventually.


Keep your emotions in check

It’s natural to develop romantic feelings for your sugar daddy but you really have to learn to put your feelings at bay sometimes. Get your emotions in check and don’t have any unrealistic expectations.

Are you really in love or just simply infatuated with someone who is rich and gives you undivided attention each time he meets you?

My sugar daddy had it all; the private plane, supercars, and the mansion. It was every sugar baby’s dream, but it wasn’t for me. He wanted what I couldn’t provide: a NSA relationship.

I wanted what he wasn’t willing to give: a real relationship. It wasn’t what I wanted and so, just like that, I walked away from a sugar baby gold mine.

Not all daddies are going to be able to devote all of their love, money, and time to you. Avoid having expectations that are too high. You will only set yourself up for disappointment.



The art of allowance

Based on my experience, I’ve come to learn that those who have less tend to give more. I’ve met men with a $10 million net worth are less likely to give you a big fat allowance.

The richer class tend to be more stingy as compared to those who are less wealthy.

I’ve met a sugar daddy who makes a decent income as a senior banker and negotiating the allowance that I desired with him was even easier than talking to other richer men. It’s interesting how wealth influences generosity. When I was dating my banker SD, he would always buy me gifts for no reason.

Though they were not Gucci or Chanel bags but he tried to fulfil my expectations. Don’t allow any high caliber sugar daddy treat you like a toy just because they have monetary power.

Little J


If you put in right amount of effort and practice, you too can be a sugar baby expert. You need to go through trials and errors before finding success in the sugar bowl. With every arrangement, comes a lesson to learn.

We want to hear what you’ve learnt from sugaring, let us know your experiences in the comment section below!