A little jealousy here and there in relationships would be cute, but not when it gets ugly and involves an endless screaming match. 

Jealousy is normal and common, we get that. But knowing how to deal with jealousy in a relationship? Not so much 😕

Don’t worry lovelies, you searched up ‘how to deal with jealousy’ because it’s getting too difficult to cope, isn’t it? We gotchu covered!

Learning how to overcome jealousy is a life-long tough battle, but here are 9 tips for ways on how to deal with jealousy between a couple that might just save your relationship from being a sinking ship! 

Tips On How To Deal With Jealousy 

1 – Find out the primary root cause

Nobody gets jealous out of the blue for no reason at all! When you’re jealous, it could be because of a particular experience you’ve faced in the past. Perhaps you’re afraid that it could be happening all over again. 

The little (or big) green monster inside of you is hard to contain. Understanding and getting to the main cause of why you’re jealous in the first place helps a ton when you’re overcoming jealousy on your own. 

Once you realize what’s causing it, you’ll eventually learn how to stop being jealous overtime and prevent frequent fights from happening. 

2 – Be raw and honest 

Honey, you can’t learn how to deal with jealousy in a relationship if you both aren’t honest with each other! Talk.it.out ❗

Let them know what you’re feeling uncomfortable about. Communication is key, people! And no, your partner isn’t a mind reader. They’re not going to know what’s making you full of envy unless you tell them.

Instead of ignoring them altogether and shoving down all your feelings while acting like everything is okay, talking about it with your beau provides you instant relief. 

Those buried feelings are like a ticking time bomb that’ll explode one day eventually. Hence why it’s best to settle it ASAP before all hell breaks loose 😣

After talking it out, you both could work on a solution together. It takes two to tango when learning how to deal with jealousy between a couple.  


3 – Don’t jump into conclusions 

Accusing your partner for something you’re jealous about is a huge mistake. What do we mean by this? 

Well, if you’re always saying things like ‘you’re always too friendly with girls’ or ‘you’re always looking at her’, then you’re accusing them of things you’re jealous of. When in actual fact, it’s not true – it’s just all in your head! 💆‍♂️

When you’re not sure how to overcome jealousy, it’s best to stop yourself before you go off on your partner without getting the facts straight. Ask them about it before assuming things yourself right off the bat. 

For all we know, you’re just creating unnecessary scenarios in your head before getting to know the actual truth! And that’s definitely not the way when learning how to deal with jealousy between a couple. 


4 – Build up your self-esteem 

You may already know this, or if you don’t, now you do. Jealousy occurs when insecurity takes control of your mind, body, soul – you get the picture. 

If you don’t have high self-esteem, you’ll feel jealous if a hot chick or a buff dude talks to your beau. 

But if you’re feeling super confident in yourself, you’ll know that your beau wouldn’t even bat an eye. They already got a gold prize (that’s you), why would they want another? 💁‍♀️

Showing your partner how you’re the best thing that has ever happened to them is the best way when overcoming jealousy. 

Hold your head up high and know you’re worth a gold diamond! That my friend, is how to overcome jealousy once and for all. 


5 – Heal from your past trauma 

Be honest. Are you really healed from your past trauma and bad experiences in relationships? 

We all have them. No relationship is perfect after all, and it always comes with some sort of baggage. 

When learning how to stop being jealous, you have to heal yourself first. It’s also the best way to maintain a healthy relationship

Before you start getting all riled up, remember that all relationships are different. 

Your future isn’t defined by the past! Once you’ve healed, you’ll be less likely to feel jealous because you know history isn’t going to repeat itself. 


 6 – Compromising is key 

How to deal with jealousy in a relationship if nobody is compromising? It’s not a ‘me vs you’ type of situation. A relationship involves two people with their own set of expectations, needs and wants. 

When you or your partner feels jealous about a certain issue, try to understand why and come up with a solution together. 

It’s easier said than done, we know. Our defense mechanism gets the best of us once our partner feels jealous. 

But learning how to deal with jealousy in a relationship involves you being open to feeling responsible for how they are feeling. 

If you have to cut down some of your weekend parties at a bar to make them feel at ease, by all means, you gotta do it! It’s better than having your beau giving you a cold shoulder a few days in a row 🥶

And if your partner doesn’t care to change their actions that’s causing you to feel jealous? We hate to break it to you, but maybe it’s time to let them go 🤷


7 – Seek advice from others 

How to stop being jealous for times when you just can’t help it? Talk it all out with people you trust.  

Okay, while you may prefer to keep your relationship problems to yourself, sometimes it backfires and makes you feel even worse. 

Yes, it’s good to talk about it to your partner, but oftentimes it may be better to talk it out with someone you trust to know if it’s just all in your head! 🤯

Getting professional help when you’re overcoming jealousy might just be the best decision you’ll ever make – not only for yourself, but your partner too. 

A third-party POV could really knock some sense into your overwhelming mind. You’ll also feel less alone when you’re sharing your feelings of jealousy because you’ll realize that everyone feels the same way! 


8 – Stay calm and rational

Oh boy, we all know what jealousy could do to us. Marching right up to the person who’s stealing your beau’s attention and causing some sort of drama wouldn’t be the best way when dealing with jealousy. 

No matter how intense our feelings are – stay cool, calm and collected before stirring anything up 🙏🏻 

Perhaps you should go and take a walk to calm down, or head to the gym and release your anger there, not on the person you’re jealous about. 

Maybe writing down all your feelings and thoughts in a notebook could ease your jealousy for a little bit while taking your mind off the whole thing!

Either way, there’s always a better way when learning how to deal with jealousy between a couple, ways that don’t involve anyone getting hurt.     


9 – Just trust your partner, period

Well, you can’t control your partner, can you? You can, however, control how you feel. And that is, to trust your partner with your whole heart 💗

If all else fails, there’s only one thing left to do when learning how to deal with jealousy: trust them. In life, you can’t control other people’s actions. So the best thing for yourself is to let the jealousy go and trust your beau. 


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