When every aspect of our lives has somehow turned into something you have to plug in online, is there any real surprise that this has included our sex lives?

It’s 2021, people! With the pandemic and technology so readily available at our fingertips, we must exert our god-given right to use it as a benefit to ourselves for the greater good. 

Oh yeah, we’re feeling the connection— and it’s not just our Wi-Fi we’re talking about. Welcome to the digital world of sexting. All the magic of flirting, dirty talk, and sometimes even more than that: available to you at any time of the day, without you lifting anything more than your phone.


What is Sexting?

Source: DRAGON: Sexting disasters / ‘I sent a nude photo to my boss’ (losarciniegas.blogspot.com)

If you’ve been living under a rock or you’re just someone who has lived a very offline life (in Singapore? We salute you), sexting is the new language of love that has taken everyone by storm. 

Gone are the days of sending cryptic poetry written in wax and required a complicated process before being able to decipher; we’re in the 21st century, baby! If it’s not fast and right in front of you, what’s the point?

Sexting is exactly like what it sounds like: getting graphic with your partner via your phone’s keyboard. Why wait until you meet in person? Drop them a line, then your panties later. 


Differences Between Sexting and Texting in Singapore

As it does walk a fine line, it’s important to understand the difference between sending your regular text and when it’s a little something extra, like sexting. No one likes being harassed or coming off as desperate—  it’s not a good look. 

First and foremost, establishing consent is mandatory before engaging in anything remotely risque. After all, consent is sexy! Nothing hotter than getting someone just as in the mood as you are in. 

Sexting starts when you want to take regular texting further. Maybe you’re trapped at work (the ever Singaporean struggle) and miss your boo a little too much? Sneak a couple of teasers to each other for what’s to come later. 

Sexting is all about the waiting game; who will crack under pressure first and come… to their senses and ravish you. 


Top 10 Hottest Sexts Ideas

It’s time to get saucy with your sexting— and we’re not talking about sticking your USB drive into their port! If you’re stumped on how to start or if your spank bank’s been quite dry for ideas: we’ve got you covered. 


1. The Patient

Source: Volonté

Spare no details when it comes to this type of sext. Even though it takes a lot of personal restraint (keep it in your pants… for now), it is worth it to read about all the wonderful things to come later— which in this case, is you.


2. The Tease 

Source: realnobody

As queen Marina said in her hit smashing single ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’; “Rule number 1 is to always have fun, but when you’re done you’ve got to be the first to run.” 

Being a tease is all about the promise of what’s to come. Rile them up a little, get their feathers in a fluff; if it worked, you’ll know based on their eager reaction to put you in your place. 


3. The Kinky

What’s sexting without spicing things up with some good ol’ restraints? Time to let your inner dominatrix out, or let your partner take control and boss you about. 

If power play isn’t something you’re necessarily up for, why not get into details about the additional toys the two of you are going to use later? Be it the riding crop, handcuffs, or more; might as well remind them that you’re missing what they feel like against your skin. 


4. The Nude

Source: Business Insider

No harm in being a visual learner. If your mind leaves little to imagination, you could just be someone who requires images for that mental visualisation. 

Indulge your partner with artsy, mysterious, exquisite nudes that may be worthy of the MoMA… We’d suggest to use silhouettes or little peeps of whatever you have (or don’t have) underneath. 


5. The Audio

Source: WIRED 

Never underestimate the power of the auditory senses. There’s a reason why ASMR has grown popular recently; it just appeals to us in a primal way. Now, of course we need to turn it into something sexy! 

If you’re into sexting but a wall of text doesn’t exactly get you into the mood, try sending your partner a voice note of you reading out loud what you’d want to do to them— or have them do to you.

A sexting message for him turned into a mini-podcast? Count us in! Though you might want to check to see if you’re connected to any Bluetooth speakers before you play it… 


6. The Video

Why not combine audio and visuals for your sext and drop a cheeky (pun intended) video instead? Something big, something beautiful might just be what makes the receiver feeling blue… in a certain department. 

For discreet purposes though, we’d recommend using a one-time only viewing through disappearing messages such as Snapchat, Instagram, or iMessage for iOS users.


7. The Straight-Forward

Source: youthincmag.com

Sometimes, sexting isn’t about the games. Why bother dilly-dallying when both of you know what you want? 

Instead of building up to the tension before someone eventually cracks, be upfront about what exactly you want from them. No shame in being direct, ladies! 


8. The Poet


Source: Volonté

They call it making love for a reason, people! Why limit romance to only the bedroom? Indulge your lover with the same sweet nothings that you’d normally reserve for whispering while they’re coming down from their high. 

After all, sexting can be beautiful too. We’re not much of wordsmiths ourselves though; eggplant emojis and googly eyes are what get us going! 


9. The Boss

Source: Cosmopolitan

If your partner is the kind that likes control, be prepared to receive extremely detailed instructions when it comes to sexting. Be it them telling you exactly what you should be doing right now or how you’re supposed to be taking it from them; we think you should definitely listen.

We’d recommend spicing up a little: what if the two of you only sexted via emojis? We reckon it can get really spicy really quick! 


10. The Wild Card

Source: Healthshots 

The best kind of sexts are the ones that combine all of the above and more! Life’s too short to not try new things, so why not start by going on an unfamiliar sexting route?

If you two have been sexting for a while, throw in a curveball by combining one or two of the ideas we’ve suggested for an extra hot notification. It’ll get them tapping for more, alright! 


Laws on Sexting in Singapore

Source: Not sexting? You’re weird, study says (nypost.com) 

While you’re busy discovering the modern joys of sexting, you might want to adhere to the laws in place. According to Singapore’s laws, sexting of all sorts (text, images, videos) are legal as long as it’s between two consenting adults. 

As the legal age of consent in Singapore is 16, we strongly advise you to keep your sexting between legal adults. As fun as it is to be flirting online with sexy strangers, make sure of where it’s going before you turn the heat on. 


With that, my love birds, you are ready to take your flight into the digital sphere! Have fun sending a few sexy bytes back and forth, turning that floppy disk into a hard drive. 

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