Everyone knows that if you want to keep a relationship going, it’s going to take up a lot of effort. 

But what if we tell you that there’s a beneficial relationship that you no longer have to suffer from being at the disadvantage side while also making sure the other get his/her cookie. 

You heard it right.  This kind of win-win relationship does exist and it’s called a beneficial relationship. If you’re a businessman or woman, you might already be familiar with this term. But how, you ask, can dating be beneficial for both parties? 

In the dating world, beneficial relationships are relationships where the involved parties benefit from the relationship beyond just physical satisfaction but also in areas such as financial matters, psychological needs, leisure, and business.

For example, a successful man can provide his partner with benefits such as financial aid or providing them with mentorship in exchange for their companionship.

People tend to assume that a beneficial relationship means that sugar babies have to sell their bodies. NO, sex is not a requirement. Sugar babies are not hookers 🙅

A sugar baby is NOT obligated to have sex. 

Before you decide to jump into a beneficial relationship, you need to find someone who agrees with your needs and whose needs you are agreeable with. Some of you reading this might still be confused with the term and are completely at a loss at how to even get into a beneficial relationship.  

Worry not because we’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

Benefits of Being In A Beneficial Relationship

1. Freedom

There’s no hassle of keeping an eye on your partner’s whereabouts, like who they’re talking to or checking up on them.

You both have your own lives and are free to do anything you want but at the same time enjoy the benefits that the mutual relationship offers.


2. Financial Backing

You will gain a lot financially. On Sugarbook, you’ll find lots of wealthy sugar daddies and sugar mommies who can support you financially and help open doors.


3. No Drama

We all know how dramatic normal relationships can get. The betrayals, the jealousy, the fights, all of where your feelings get hurt.

In the case of beneficial relationships, disappointments and drama can be avoided simply because of the importance of straightforwardness.

No playing mind games, no waiting, no restrictions. Therefore, you won’t have to keep tabs on the other person.

4. Honesty

Secrets and lies kill a relationship. 

But not this relationship. There is no reason for those in sugaring relationships to lie. The foundation of the relationship is being open and upfront about your needs and desires. 

So don’t worry about the trust issues your toxic ex-partner made you obsess over, the chances of that happening in a sugar relationship is likely close to zero. 


5. Breaking Up Isn’t Stressful

Ending a relationship for some is always hard and often times both parties would feel emotionally drained after. However, if you apply the same formula in a sugar relationship, it’s a completely different story. 

Sugar relationships embrace a different level of commitment compared to traditional relationships; hence, breaking up is easier and not so mentally stressful.  

Plus, breakups within a sugar arrangement are typically done in a more respectful manner! 


How To Setup Beneficial Arrangements

Regardless of your sugar roles, no doubt this is the most asked question one has before establishing a sugar relationship with a potential partner. 

So grab your pen and your notebook, here are the steps along with some helpful tips to get that sugar you’ve been yearning for!


Know Your Personal Preference 

Sounds basic, but this is essential stuff. Knowing your do’s and don’ts will make it easier to find an eligible sugar baby or sugar parent. You could start from your ideal partner’s physical appearance (such as age, height and body type) to their personality trait. 

If you’re having a hard time listing down what you like, try to list down what you don’t first!


Decide Your Allowance 

Money isn’t everything, but it definitely plays an important role in a sugar relationship. The allowance amount a sugar baby receives can vary. There are various factors (e.g. her experience, her needs, her spending habits) that could influence the agreed allowance. 

While sugar daddies are typically the wealthy ones with affluence, money might not seem like a big deal to them. Nonetheless, it’s better to be thoughtful on how much you spend because you want the sugar baby to keep her eyes on you more than your bank account 👀


Pick Your Sugar Platform Wisely

While there are so many options on the market right now, but not all sugar dating sites online are sincere and legitimate. Especially those shady Facebook groups who claim that they’ll pair you up with a sugar parent! Yuck. 

Always do your research and check the reviews and reputation of the platform before keying in your personal details. 


Write a good online dating profile 

Yes, it’s easier to said than done. Creating an online dating profile can be frightening because this decides whether your profile gets clicks or messages.

But the truth is that no one expects you to be perfect. Sometimes it’s the simplest and most direct dating profiles that catch the most attention. 

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Choose your match

This is the part where most people get excited (or frustrating if you’re being overly picky) because this is where we’re spoilt for choices. 

More choices doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. People tend to be overwhelmed by too many options, even though they may not realize it. 

In order to prevent what psychologists term the rejection mindset, try to put aside 15 minutes of your day to dedicate to profile searching for your ideal match. 

Be honest and direct 

We cannot stress how much time you can save just by establishing early on what you’re looking for for when looking to be in a beneficial relationship. 

Being honest about what you want and who you are makes it more likely that the people you end up talking to and meeting are people with similar ideals as you. If you have something that’s clearly a  deal-breaker for you, mentioning it upfront can save you, and the other party, a lot of time and effort. 


Get ready for your first date

You guys have talked for a few days and you feel a strong spark between you two. So what are you waiting for? Ask them out for a coffee or even a dinner date, and see if it could lead to a potential arrangement. 

FYI, first dates are typically on a pay-per-meet (PPM) basis. So make sure both parties are on the same page with the allowance to avoid an unnecessary bad situation.  

Here’s a tip: To ensure neither of you are catfishing another, ask for a quick video call before actually planning the first date. 

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Beneficial Relationship – What do You Think?

What are YOUR thoughts on beneficial relationships? Are you a sugar daddy, sugar mommy, or sugar baby? How has Sugarbook helped you get into a modern relationship that has benefited you?

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