Have you been thinking of engaging in some wild wild wet kind of fun?

Whether it’s in the shower or in a pool, there is just something about water that feels liberating and adds to the sense of intimacy during lovemaking.

But you might want to understand it a little bit more before diving right in.

Here are some things to consider before having sex in water:

1) Keep it private.

Unless you’re into exhibitionism, we would advise that you keep your adventures in the water private and away from public eyes. If you are getting frisky in a pool or in open water, do it when there is no one around or in a more secluded area. 


2) Intercourse isn’t your only option.

Test the waters with your partner by trying out different stimulations. Sometimes, the situation may not allow for sex in the water but it can still be incorporated into your foreplay.


3) Silicone-based lube is key.

You would think that water makes a good lubricant but it doesn’t. Water would wash away the natural lubricant that the vagina produces. Neither does water-based lubricant work because it will get washed off. Stick to silicon-based lubricant instead!


4) Condoms still work but you might want to add on other forms of protection.

If condoms are your go-to protection, remember to wear the condom before going into water. 

However, do take note that the chemicals in a pool or the hot temperature in a hot tub could compromise the condom.

There’s also the chance that the condom would slip off during your vigorous activity, so watch out for that.


5) Ejaculate in the water isn’t going to get you pregnant.

The rumor that people can get pregnant if someone ejaculates in the pool or hot tub is absolutely not true. 

But if you decide to finish inside your partner without protection, the rule still applies. It’s not like water can just wash the semen away.


6) Know the STI risks.

Having sex in the water won’t prevent you from getting STIs. If you are still inclined on participating in water activities aka water sex, make sure the pool is clean or use a hot tub. 

Remember that you can get STIs and look out for the symptoms afterwards.


7) Don’t be under the influence.

If you are drunk or in some way incapacitated, don’t go near any form of water unless it’s to drink it. 

You need your wits about you if you are planning to have sex in water. So, lay off the alcohol and any other substances that could impair you. 

We care about your safety and you wouldn’t want to be the person who gets splashed all over social media if something wrong happens, right?


8) Aftercare is important.

No matter how much you and your partner enjoyed yourself, remember to take care of yourselves once you are done. 

Clean yourself off, go to the bathroom and rehydrate! You basically got a workout and hot water can dehydrate your body too.

Now that I’ve gotten the nitty gritty out of the way, let’s talk about the types of water sex and their pros and cons.

Of course, no matter the pros and cons, you are more than welcome to try all of them out. 🤭


Pros & Cons of Water Sex

We are so nice, we even threw in some tips for you water lovers so that you can get the most out of it. Here are some pros and cons depending on which body of water you would like to do the deed in. 


💦 In the shower 


Shower sex is a great time to try out those standing positions that you wouldn’t usually think of doing when you’re in bed. It’s also an excellent way to start off foreplay — lather and clean each other up, give your partner a scalp massage, slide up and down each other’s wet soapy body — you know where I’m going.

Turn the heat up by including some hand and/or oral activity, you will thank us. 


The other thing about water is that it’s slippery. You might want to invest in an anti-slip mat in your own shower to give your feet extra padding and traction. We want you to see stars but not the kind you get when you bump your head too hard.


Standing sex may be difficult if you are of different heights, so give this position a try. If you are the receiving partner, turn around, bend and face the wall and use it as support. You can also use the toilet bowl, sink and shower handle for additional support. 

If your partner is strong enough, they can also hold you up if you decide to face each other while standing up.


💦 In the bathtub 


The bathtub offers a lot more foundation compared to when you are standing. It is also more intimate because you can be much closer to your partner. 

Like the shower, you can bathe each other with the advantage of enjoying a relaxing soak with your partner. Take some time to massage each other’s feet in the water or sit in your partner’s arms and slow kiss for a while. After all, sex doesn’t have to be fast and furious all the time. It can also be sweet and slow.

By the way, the added buoyancy of the water also helps in your *cough* movements. 


The water in a bathtub can get cold quite fast and that might be a turn off. If your bathtub is on the smaller side, you could also get a few bruises here and there when you are trying to navigate your way around.


We know this article is about water sex but it doesn’t mean we can’t be creative.

Sitting your partner on the edge of the bathtub while you go down on him/her and vice versa is a pretty good way to make full use of your surroundings. And again, do watch out for the slippery floor.


💦 In the hot tub/jacuzzi 


The powerful jets of water don’t just feel good on your backs. They can feel very good on other parts of the body too. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about, right? Most tubs also come with seats and ledges which makes it very convenient for “bad things” to happen.


As mentioned above, using a condom in hot water might not be very useful. So, you will have to consider other forms of contraception.

And don’t get so caught up in the act! Being in hot water too long can cause you to overheat and experience symptoms like light-headedness, dizziness and nausea.


For a comfortable position that allows you to ride yourself to the finish line, face your partner and straddle them as they sit on the seat.

Even better, position yourself near some of the jet streams.


💦 In the pool 


The swimming pool is much bigger and that means more space to play in and more moves to try. The steps going into the pool would make a great place to experiment various positions. 

If you can, try doing it at night when the water looks even more alluring and mysterious. Not only that, it will be quiet and you will less likely (hopefully) be interrupted.


The swimming pool is usually a public property and getting the privacy you need for your sexual escapades could be difficult. 

But of course, with a sugar parent, that’s probably not a problem. You can always get your own private pool. Find out more about it here


If the deep end of the pool feels too daunting, move over to the shallow end. 

Here’s a position you can try — float on your back with your legs wrapped around your partner’s shoulders while you sit on the steps. This will allow them to stimulate you from the front.


💦 In the ocean/river/lake 


For those who are more daring, this will definitely turn up the excitement to another level. The freedom of the open water coupled with the risqué act of lovemaking — so thrilling, such exhilaration! You have to try it at least once in your life.


The strong current can make it difficult for sex to happen let alone be pleasurable. You are also at a higher risk of drifting too far from shore and even drowning.

Open water might also be dangerous because you don’t know what’s in the water.


Instead of doing it in the water, you can consider doing it on the shore — layout a nice picnic or pitch up a tent for that extra privacy. 

Another idea is to do it on a float or a raft or maybe a yacht? You will still feel that floating sensation of water while being safe at the same time.


Well, we hope you were inspired by all the water sex tips. If you have got any of your own, we would love to hear them. And if you are looking to find someone who loves water as much as you do, Sugarbook might just be the right place to find them.