Sugar babies have high standards, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty. It’s really common that when you meet a sugar baby, they’re dripping in designer brands from head to toe. Sugar babies have an image to uphold, and they don’t settle for anything less than runway-ready.  

In fact, one of the reasons for someone to opt for the sugar life may be because they enjoy a lavish lifestyle, and being a sugar baby is the answer to affording life’s most luxurious pleasures. 

We ask Jasmine (21), a seasoned sugar baby, to take us through some designer brands that sugar babies love and learn why these brands appeal to them. If you’re as curious as we are, read on!

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Q: Hi Jasmine, thanks for being here. Our topic for discussion today is sugar babies and designer brands – let’s jump right in. Do you like designer brands yourself?

Jasmine: Yes, I’ve always loved all things designer, but before becoming a sugar baby, I could only dream of owning them. Only after about 6 months of sugaring I started receiving designer gifts from a long-time sugar daddy I was seeing at the time. After a while, I was able to afford my own designer items.

Q: From your own experience as well as being around other sugar sisters, could you share some of the designer brands sugar babies like? Let’s chat about why you think sugar babies have an affinity for that particular brand.

Jasmine:  Of course, I’d love to!



GUCCI malaysia

“Let me start by talking about one of my favorite things – Gucci! This brand has a long history in fashion, and its logo is a symbol of luxury and style. That’s why you often see sugar babies showing it off. When people see the famous double-G logo, they immediately recognize it as Gucci. 

Whenever I wear something casual like a simple top and jeans, I always wear my Gucci Marmont Mini Bag or Princetown Leather Slippers to make it fancier. It quickly makes my whole outfit look better and makes me look more “expensive.” 




“Louis Vuitton (LV) represents style and sophistication. Their fancy items are just amazing! LV’s monogram canvas is a sign of good taste, making it a favorite among sugar babies who prefer an elegant style.

Different versions of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Totes are liked by sugar babies because they have the iconic LV design and are useful with lots of space inside. They’re great for sugar babies who are always ready and constantly moving.”




“Wearing Chanel brings a lot of social status; it makes people notice and admire you. Back when I couldn’t afford it, I used to envy those who wore Chanel. The brand also leads in setting fashion trends, making it a top choice for trendy sugar babies.

The Classic Flap Bag is a famous item you’ll likely find in many sugar babies’ closets, along with the Chanel Two-Tone Slingback Pumps. These simple yet stylish pieces are timeless accessories that really stand out.”



“Known for bold designs and vibrant prints, Versace is perfect for confident sugar babies who love attention. The brand’s glamorous and unique style is made for sugar babies who like trying the latest trends, no matter how unconventional.

You might find the Virtus Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag in a sugar baby’s wardrobe. The silk shirt has Versace’s iconic print, adding a touch of luxury to casual outfits, while the leather bag perfectly combines luxury and practicality.”




Balenciaga’s ‘avant-garde and streetwear-inspired designs’ attract sugar babies who want a mix of high fashion and urban style. The Balenciaga City Bag, with its edgy yet practical design, and the Triple S Sneakers, known for their chunky style, are iconic, but I don’t think many sugar babies would wear this. 

These pieces not only showcase the brand’s modern aesthetic but also give a fashion-forward edge, suitable for the dynamic lifestyle of a sugar baby. 



Known for its timeless and elegant designs, HERMÈS is a favorite among sugar babies seeking sophistication and luxury. The Birkin Bag, an iconic piece with its distinctive shape and high-quality materials, and the HERMÈS Oran Sandals, renowned for their simple yet refined style, embody the brand’s unmatched class. 

These HERMÈS items signify prestige and contribute to a sense of refined style and grace. Whether attending formal events or enjoying leisurely outings, these pieces seamlessly align with the exquisite and sophisticated aspects of the sugar baby lifestyle.




“Prada’s minimalist yet innovative pieces appeal to sugar babies who like modern and contemporary designs. Their items are more than just fashion; they’re like works of art. Take the Prada Cahier Bag, for example, with its distinctive and structured silhouette, and the Nylon Re-Edition Shoulder Bag, blending functionality with style.

These accessories add a contemporary touch to a sugar baby’s outfit, serving as versatile companions for different occasions. Prada’s clean lines and innovative designs bring a sophisticated yet modern look, perfect for sugar babies seeking a unique edge.”




DIOR, with its romantic and timeless designs, is a favorite among sugar babies who want sophistication and luxury. The Lady DIOR Handbag, an iconic piece with a classic quilted pattern, and the Dway Heeled Slide, which you might see worn by many a woman now as it’s trending. 

These DIOR items stand for status and add a feeling of femininity and grace. They are perfect for fancy events or romantic dates, fitting well with the sophisticated and romantic side of the sugar baby lifestyle. 


Q: Wow, thanks for enlightening us and for giving us a unique perspective on the topic. Do you have any last words before we end our interview?

Jasmine: No problem; I hope I answered your questions! I think the designer brands and the sugar baby lifestyle go hand in hand. Since you’re spending time in wealthy circles, you need to look the part. For any newbie sugar baby, don’t worry if this is out of your comfort zone; you will be able to learn and adapt as you go. 



As you can see, the brands mentioned above have transcended mere fashion – they have become cultural touchstones in the world of style and luxury. For our high-standard sugar babies, designer brands don’t just sell products – they symbolize a level of social status, opulence, and class. 

If you’re a new sugar baby and you don’t know which designer items to splurge on with your first big pay, be sure to check out our recommendations above for inspiration!

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