First dates can be nerve-wrecking. You’re excited, nervous, figuring out what to wear, trying not to be late – typical first date procedure. But once you’re past all that first date jitters and you’re sitting across your sugar daddy, looking at the menu with hungry eyes.

What are you going to order? Sure, you may think that it’s a not a big deal what you’re going to eat but actually, what you eat can sometimes linger, if you get what I mean. Anyways, here are some helpful tips when ordering your meal.

Heavily spiced foods are a no-no

Unless you and your sugar daddy have some bonding moment over your love for garlic, then there is no reason to order the 100 clove garlic chicken breast. I’m speaking from experience – I love garlic, like many people, however, most people do not appreciate the constant stream of garlic breath in their face.

Also, think about after dinner. Say you and your sugar daddy get a little frisky – he’ll be inhaling garlic. This also goes for onions, and spicy foods. How about we let the first date go relatively non-traumatising for him, yeah? 

Keep an eye out for your clothes

This may sound confusing but it’ll make sense in a second. If you’re wearing white, do not order something extremely saucy. Keep your dish on the dryer side, there’s nothing worse than looking at a white shirt with a food stain on it.

I know you’re capable of eating properly but you know, the sauce is a tricky thing and once it’s on you, it’s not coming off. If you happen to order something a little creamy, bring a tide-to-go stick with you and keep it in your purse just in case something happens.

No burgers!

If you’re at a five-star restaurant and request for a burger and fries – well, I hope you enjoyed your last first date. Listen, your sugar daddy is taking you out for a romantic dinner, why not stick to the theme and pick something that you usually wouldn’t eat.

This is an opportunity for you to experience something new and though a burger and fries are delicious, there’s no arguing that, but there is a time and a place to eat that. And this is not the time nor the place.

Count your glasses of wine

For your first date, of course, you will order a glass of wine or a cocktail, however, don’t pass out at your table or get to the level where you’re slurring your speech.

You’re representing yourself at this dinner, and even if this was just a normal date no man or woman appreciates watching someone gets obliterated after the first twenty minutes of meeting them.

Now, if you and your sugar daddy are both drinking heavily and you’re both in agreement of this, that’s different. But if he has to carry you home because you’ve fallen asleep in the car and started to drool – that’s a problem.

Understand your body’s reaction to certain foods

If you get gas from eating beans, don’t eat the bean salad. If curry makes your stomach churn and forces you to lock yourself in a bathroom stall, well stay far away from the chicken tandoori.

Know how your body reacts to certain foods and when you’re on your first date, makes sure to stay away from them.

Don’t pick by price

If you’re picking something off the menu because it’s the most expensive dish, don’t. There’re a couple of reasons why. Firstly, it makes it obvious that you most likely do not know what that dish is.

Don’t pretend that you know perfect French while reading the menu. Just ask if you don’t know. Secondly, it also makes you look cheap. You’re not a gold digger, so be the modest person that you are.

Pick a dish that you’re interested in and then look at the price tag.