Making money and engaging in sugar relationships are tough to balance. It’s also more difficult as you get older and you get richer.

Here are ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a sugar relationship:


A simple 30 minute jog or stroll in the park can help you lose between 200 to 300 calories, and jogging ensures continuous muscle growth in your joints. You can also go for walks with your sugar baby.

Watch what you eat

This is very important especially when bad dietary habits would impact any necessary need to improve your health.

If you’re looking into losing weight, you need to eat less calories and if you’re looking into gaining muscle, you need to eat more protein.

Being a wealthy sugar daddy means that there are now easier access to lower calorie foods out there. Kale, sugar-free drinks and low-calorie meat are much more easier to find in high end food markets and luxury restaurants offer low calorie portions for high end meals.


When jogging and maintaining a diet, it’s important to find a balance between the two. In the age of modern technology, there are tonnes of ways to track your progress and keeping a balanced diet.

For example, Myfitnesspal is a diet and fitness tracking app that counts calories, ingredients and distance for those looking to be healthy. Their yearly plan of US$45 allows them to track the macronutrients of your daily meals and can export your progress into an Excel film. They also have integration with Google Fit, Apple Fit and various other apps.


Class and manners are also important when it comes to health and fitness. Like the old days of yore where one would learn manners and posture in a high society, sugar hunting also requires a sense of class and this sense of class provides some benefits to attracting a sugar baby.

If you’re going to meet someone after dinner, do not treat yourself to the same amounts of calories you gained during dinner. It’s also easier to maintain a professional look when you’re not eating food that can leave a mess on your clothes. Go for simple finger foods like samosa or mixed snacks.

It’s also good to ditch beer in favour of wine, scotch or vodka. Some beer brands have high calories and thus they are not healthy options for those looking to be fit. At the same time, women love a man with fine, exceptional taste. A good glass of Roze or a shot of vodka would create a sense of wealth and international taste, which attracts women.

Toughen Up

Martial arts provides simple yet strong ways to maintain and improve your body, especially muscle growth and joints. A 60 minute round of intensive sports like Boxing or Muay Thai can help you lose between 800 to 1000 calories