Welcome to the life of sugaring! Life’s a lot sweeter with treats, sometimes even to the point of rotting your teeth if you can’t get enough. 

But what sugar daddies through yonder window breaks? If you’re new to the sugar bowl, here’s a quick guide on all the different flavours and assortments available at the candy— or in this case— daddy shop. 

4 Types of Sugar Daddies

1) The Dream Daddy


We all dream of the perfect sugar daddy; tall, attractive, seasoned in his age but just ripe for picking, and of course, extremely light-fingered when it comes to his wallet. Well sometimes, dreams do come true! 

A rare yet not impossible find: the dream daddy is the best kind of catch. Stick with him and you’ll be on your way to a great sugar life. 


2) The Married Daddy

Sugar nation, it’s time to get real: there’s a good chance your sugar daddy is a married man. Before panicking that you’re turning into a homewrecker, let’s do some quick research.

In most cases, your daddy could be in an open relationship with his spouse— where both of them are in mutual agreement to get their rocks off with other people. This is easily the best situation as everyone is transparent about what goes on behind closed doors.

However, there are also the cases of separated daddies and those in the long and tortuous process of getting a divorce; where sugaring would be a feasible option for them. 

What we’re saying is— don’t be too quick to judge the poor guy! Married men who are in the sugar scene aren’t all scumbags, so try figuring them out first. Clarification should always precede judgement when you’re laying it all out on the— er, table. 


3) The Jet-Setter Daddy

Everyone gets a little lonely sometimes, even more so on the road. So sometimes all a daddy needs is some arm candy while he’s shopping and checking out resorts. 

This daddy is very high maintenance, evident from the nature of his job that requires him to travel around the world. You may only hear from him once every few months, but be prepared to drop everything and enjoy an exotic getaway. 


4) The Salt Daddy

Probably the worst kind of daddy out there, this is one that you’d want to avoid at all costs. He may look the part but the moment you stop for a taste, you’ll realise that the salt is anything but pleasant. 


How To Spot A Salt Daddy

Salt daddies are notorious for coming with plenty of red flags despite appearing like a dream come true. Seeing may not necessarily be believing in this case, people! 

  • He Avoids Talking About Money

Easily one of the biggest red flags, the salt daddy will always skirt the question when it comes to the topic of allowances and payment. Watch him turn it into a dance, insist that you two can ‘talk about that later’ and how he wants to ‘focus on getting along first’. 

Run. This daddy is a time-waster and almost definitely cannot afford to be even looking at the sugar bowl. No money, no honey, people! Move along to the next daddy who can actually cater to your lifestyle. 


  • He Is Unsure of What He Wants

To put it plainly: this daddy is confused. What was he even doing on the website in the first place? He will ask you the oddest of questions, perhaps even treat you like some sort of escort service. 

He gets appalled by the idea of gifts on top of a monthly allowance and thinks you overcharge. Here, we kindly advise you to ignore him. It is not your place to educate others on what you do when information is readily available for them. 

If he doesn’t even know what he’s looking for, how can he possibly be ready to take on a sugar baby? 


  • His Attitude Sucks 

Ugh. No one wants to deal with someone rude, and that includes daddies. This type of daddy is spoiled; he believes the world revolves around him and he doesn’t like it when it doesn’t. 

You’ll notice a quick change in his tone when you happen to suggest something that he doesn’t agree with, followed by snide remarks about how you’re probably just some silly naive thing who doesn’t know how the world works. 

One word: BLOCK. He is not worth your time, even more so if he belittles you. Even in sugaring, it is important to ensure that your relationship does not grow toxic: and salt daddies like these are the perfect ingredients for a fuck-up soup.


  • He Insists On A “Test Drive” 

Perhaps the sleaziest kind of salt daddy, he will tell you to forget discussing any sort of arrangements until he figures out if you two ‘share chemistry’. In the sugaring world, this is what a first meet is all about. 

Yet, he is refusing to even take you out for dinner? Uh, mega yikes! This daddy is just looking for an excuse to bang it out in some motel and hit the road after. 

Always remember that you are not some product for sale that requires a quality check beforehand; you’re a person who deserves to be respected. If he can’t extend that to you, he definitely isn’t the one. 


And there you have it, sugar folks! Take this wisdom with you and heed our advice as you seek out a new glucose guardian. Make sure you’re signed up with Sugarbook to ensure your journey only gets sweeter with time.