If you’re a person who’s always had too much love to give— or limit yourself— to only one person, it’s time to jump on the new hot train that everyone’s getting on; triad relationships! 

Polyamorous relationships are nothing new in the dating world but it turns out quite a few of you are still a little confused about how it works. If the news about Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi, and Rita Ora’s romance warmed your cockles, you might want to read on.

What Is A Triad Relationship? 

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If traditional relationships (consisting of two people) are called a dyad, then a triad would be a polyamorous relationship where there are three people instead. These three people have all simultaneously agreed to be in a loving, romantic, and sexual relationship with each other.

The phrase three’s a crowd doesn’t seem to apply here, or at least it’s one happy crowd! 


Types of Triad Relationships

Even though the basics of triad relationships seem pretty easy to understand, not all triads go by the same rules. While all three people are consenting to the relationship, sometimes the blend might be a little different.

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Regular Triad

This triad relationship is the most ideal way of living, as everyone is attracted and in a relationship with the other person. The true definition of what a love triangle is, this triad relationship has everyone fully invested with each other. There is no one left behind, as everyone shares each other equally.

Regular triads are almost exclusively romantic and sexual, as everyone is in a closed relationship with each other. Triads can also extend to people of different sexualities and genders— anything works as long as everyone is interested in each other in all ways.


The “V” Triad

In this case, the triad works a little differently. Much like the shape of a “V” is built, one person acts as a sort of observer to the other two who are in a relationship with each other or alternatively, one person could be in a relationship with two people but they are not with each other. 

While still being a closed relationship, there is the factor of one or two people not necessarily being either romantically or sexually interested in each other. For example, a triad between two men and a woman who are all heterosexual may not have the two men being attracted to each other. 


The Open Relationship Triad

When there’s just too much love to be contained, why not let it flow all around? While three people could consent to be in a relationship together, open triads also come with the terms of them being free to mingle as they please— and perhaps even get a lil’ more.

In this triad, every person involved is polyamorous and understands that the love they experience outside their triad does not diminish it. In fact, sometimes it can just lead to them adding a number to their existing triad!


Triad Relationship Problems 

It seems like it’s a triple threat when it comes to relationship problems in a triad. 

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Communication and Jealousy 

Feeling our emotions is a very human factor, which isn’t a fault in any way. The problem, however, lies in how we choose to go about them. Perhaps the most common triad relationship problem, communicating feelings— specifically jealousy— is what often gets in the way of the triad.

Time and effort also need to be invested into this relationship, as it’s going to take a lot of work to fully satisfy three different people’s wants and needs. The only way this works is through active and frequent communication— which is harder than it may seem. 


Being Prepared For A Relationship Change

Specifically for triads which pre-existed as a dyad adding in a third, one problem that triad couples fail to remember is how their entire dynamic of their relationship is now changed forever. 

Anniversaries? Date nights? Matching couple outfits? Everything now includes your third person as well, regardless of what previous traditions you might have had going on. Oftentimes, triads face the pressure of being left out when the original dyad continues on with their past traditions without them. 


Advice for Triad Relationships

Relationships are built on hard work and communication— which is no different when it comes to triads. As long as all parties are upfront and clear about their likes and dislikes, we can’t seem to see why there would be any problems at all. 

If you find yourself really interested in the idea of triad relationships but are afraid of the upkeep, we’d advise you to go for it at least once. After all, life’s too short to be left wondering what if you had an extra hand to hold! 

We at Sugarbook wish you the best on your triad trials— in fact, you might want to check us out if you’re looking for a third to join you. Don’t forget to sign in when you come back for more, we wanna know how bad you miss us.

Till the next one, lovebirds!