We all remember our firsts. After all, there’s nothing quite exhilarating than the thrill of a first date! The excitement of meeting a dreamy stranger, the promise of a good time, the potential of seeing them again…look at us drool. 

So, you’ve found your Google Calendar lined up with cuties this weekend but aren’t too sure where to take them around (we don’t blame you, the pressure is on for these things!). Well, let’s say that you’re in good hands. We think this article is the exact thing you just need. 

Sugarbook’s got you covered with tips, tricks, and more; though you might wanna keep it in your pants first. That comes later.  


Top 4 Must Know Tips For A Successful First Date

Tip 1: Always Look Your Best. 

Even if you’re feeling a little nervous, we think it’s always safe to look great regardless. 

Looking your best is always the best way to make a good impression. After all, the hard part is over— they already said yes to the date! 

Book that haircut appointment, take out the cologne or perfume you’ve been saving, and all the works; it’s time to get spruced up. 

If you’re feeling tongue tied, maybe you could even the situation out by taking someone’s breath away. 


Tip 2: Find Out Their Interests. 

One good way of solving first date crises would be by checking out where exactly your date would like to go. 

What do they like? Where do they usually go? Simple nudges in the right direction could turn your nerve wracking date into a nice, fun night out: with all blunders avoided.

Many date disasters can be avoided by asking the simple questions of “So what would you prefer?” Offer your date some something to work with. 

That way, you can both still figure out what to do on your first date while keeping each other in check. No one wants to be disasterly under or overdressed for the wrong event anyway… 


Tip 3: Body Language

Keep ya eyes peeled: ‘cuz talking isn’t the only way of communication on dates! Getting to know a person is always interesting but even more so when they open up by doing little things, like brushing up against your hand. 

Think this someone is worth keeping around? Let them know by taking that extra step and holding their hand (but keep it where people can see them, ya sly dog!). 


Tip 4: Keep ‘Em Wanting More

First dates are all about the mystery. While you might have had a great time, it’s fine to just send them off at their closest MRT stop when the night ends. Sure, we still might want a little bit more but teasing them with a promise of ‘next time would be better’ is just so much better.

Who knows? If you play your cards right, your date might actually insist on you coming over to theirs for a little more than Netflix and chill for their next date idea. Now, that’s a show we’d watch! 


7 Hot First Date Ideas in Singapore 

So, did you catch all that? Alright then, you got your breath mints on hand… so the next step is to figure out where will this date take place! 

Singapore has ample to offer for first dates ideas; from cute to nostalgic and even the adventurous for the daring couples. 

As it’s an especially exciting one, let’s turn this first date into something that they might actually call you back for.


1.Universal Studios Singapore

Source: Universal Studios Singapore – Resorts World Sentosa

Getting the most obvious option out of the way first, there’s a reason why this Singaporean theme park is the top of our list for what to do on a first date. If you want to have a good time on your date, look no further than an amusement park!

Get to know each other as you line up for rides, scream your heads off on roller coasters and perhaps share a cold dessert together. Who knows, after all the endorphins released from the adrenaline rush that may lead to something more exciting…




Source: @fangirlinthecl1 | Twitter

For all you hopeless romantics, we couldn’t leave this 500 Days of Summer inspired first date idea out! IKEA may seem like an unlikely place to go on a date but trust us when we say that it could leave to a good time. 

Engage your date with conversation a-la Tom and Summer (though you might want to leave the bathtub scene for when you get home) by roleplaying as you make your way through the showrooms. 

Timing is crucial with this one as you’d want to avoid the family crowd (can’t blame us Singaporeans for loving their food too much) when you’re splitting meatballs with your cutie. 



3. Museums

Source: Academy of Art University

If you’re a more cultured individual, look no more for a day of brain stimulation than at a museum. We personally recommend Singapore’s Vintage Camera Museum as you can geek out on all 7,000 antique cameras that the place has to offer!

You can also freely engage in conversation with your date without the stress of having someone overhearing about how you two would like to recreate some of Antonio D’Agata’s infamous works together. 



4. Virtual Reality Gaming

Source: HeadRock VR | Sentosa

Take this offline date online by trying out something new! Nothing says great first date more like killing blood-thirsty zombies together. Think fast, because Headrock VR is a date that comes right at you quicker than you’d expect.

We’d recommend trying out the Extreme Train, which is an adventure from start to finish. The best part? Right at end: where all the horrors come to a finish and you’re left with the familiar and gorgeous views of Singapore. 



5. The Movies

Source: Honeycombers

What’s a first date without going to the movies? The recipe is a classic, for all the right reasons! 

Take your date out to The Projector, Singapore’s best indie theatre, for a fun twist on a classic first date idea! 

The best conversations are born from discussions, so make sure you pick a good movie. That way, they’ll actually want to keep you around for dinner. Which leads us to our next option…



6. Dinner at a Restaurant

Dinner and a movie; the ultimate foolproof first date idea. If you decide to spice it up by skipping the movie and heading straight to the restaurant, make sure you’ve picked a good one. Food is the easiest way into someone’s heart, but no need to worry about posh places. 

Many people revealed to have preferred mid-range restaurants for first dates, especially if the food was good! Pick a place that the two of you could share something— literally, like a dish, or if you’re nostalgic, perhaps a memory that you can look back on many dates from now. 



7. Haw Par Villa

Source: Haw Par Villa | The dioramas depicting a fighting battle dis… | Flickr

Of course we didn’t leave out you lovers of the alternative and kooky; how about a first date at the Ten Courts of Hell? While this isn’t a typical Singaporean dating idea, it might especially make for a conversation topic! 

Be warned about the incredibly graphic and gory details of human punishment (unless that’s what you’re into). That being said, if the creepy images before you spook either of you out, we’d suggest perhaps to make the most of it and sneak a cuddle or two. 


Now, you are all prepared for your special night out. Go forth and er— maybe keep the procreating for later, unless that’s what your date is into. We are more than happy to drink to a happy union! 

As always, we at Sugarbook are more than happy to provide you with any more tips or suggestions. In fact, if all goes well and you’re gearing up for a round two of dates, check out our article on the best dating spots in Singapore

All the best as always, love birds!