Humans are complicated 🤷 Dating an introvert is hard, maintaining a relationship is even harder 🙃

When it comes to things to know before dating an introvert, it’s not as easy as it looks, especially if you’re an extrovert (who’s a total opposite!) 

But not all hope is lost – you just have to spend some time trying to understand how an introvert’s mind works before jumping to unnecessary conclusions.  Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science!  

Whether you’re an introvert yourself, extrovert or ambivert, getting to know some advice or tips to date an introvert could make it easier (not hard!)  so you’re not always scratching your head for things you don’t understand. 

And if you decide to take our tips and advice for dating an introvert and find yourself in a successful, happy relationship – you can thank us later! 

Without further ado, here’s our advice for dating an introvert: 

Useful Tips When You’re Dating An Introvert

#1 Learn their love language

If you’ve been in the dating scene for a while, you would know how important it is to understand each other’s love language

Most of the time, your love language will be different. Introverts aren’t all the same either – there’s no one size fits it all solution. 

Do they prefer lots of cuddles and doing the deed often? Do they expect you to say ‘I love you’ a few times in a day? 

When you’re dating an introvert, whether it is words of affirmation or physical touch, know what makes them feel most loved.


#2 Don’t force them to go with you to social events 

Introverts are quiet by nature. Have you seen someone stuck in a corner, away from the crowd during parties or social gatherings? Hello there, introvert!  

Bringing them out to huge social events would have them running out through the door within minutes. 

Why? Because to introverts, loud music and huge crowds are one of their worst nightmares 😵

You see, introverts in general can get pretty overwhelmed by any form of social engagement. Even if they do hang out and socialize, they need some time to recharge and get their energy back. 

A simple 30 minutes conversation would lead to them taking a 2-day break, free from any form of social interaction. No kidding, we’re not exaggerating here.  

So the next time you’re going out to a party and invite them along, don’t be upset if they reject you. In fact, always expect them to reject you in order to avoid disappointment! 


#3 Give them their ‘me-time’ 

Don’t take it personally whenever your introverted beau asks for some ‘me-time’. It has nothing to do with you, they just prefer to have fun in their own company some days. 

Also, prepare yourself for them to reject going out with you simply because they want to spend time at home doing literally nothing. That’s just their way of relaxing! Unlike extroverts who relax by spending time outside with their buddies. 


#4 Go for low-key dates 

Another one of our top tips to date an introvert: keep it simple! Introverts love simple dates that don’t require much energy such as going for a walk, having a one-on-one conversation at a cozy cafe, to name a few. 

While having your partner join an outing with your friends may seem like not a big deal to you, they will not enjoy it as much. Also, meeting new people isn’t exactly an introvert’s forte. 


#5 Expect to always make the first move

You think an introvert will approach you head-first to ask you out on a date? Ha! Never in a million years 🤭

Even if you’ve been dating for a while, introverts tend to not be the ones asking to hang out on a frequent basis. It’s not just in relationships, but they do it with friendships too! 

So, get the ball rolling and ask them out on dates first! 


#6 Be open to them sharing their deepest thoughts

Introverts tend to share a lot of their deepest, darkest thoughts in their heads. Well, that’s because they overthink, alot

They prefer partners who are able to listen to them and share personal things with. They value safety and comfort, someone who feels like home. 

And if you’re an extrovert, here’s a little advice: let them talk during times when they actually open their mouth to speak. We know, you love talking! But introverted people would like to be heard for times when they really needed a good rant. 

After all, it doesn’t happen all that often, so let your introverted beau shine when they want to.


# 7 Accept there will be frequent silences

The thing is, talking is exhausting. We know this isn’t the case for extroverts, though – but it is for introverts. 

One of the first things to know before dating an introvert is that there will be silent pauses here and there in between your dates, be it at home or outside. 

You two could just be enjoying each other’s presence without saying a single word and your introverted partner would say it’s the best date ever!


#8 Skip the small talk, hold deep conversations instead

Talk about the stars, the moons, how the universe was formed 🪐 Ok, not really, but you get the gist of it! 

When you’re dating an introvert, there’s no use talking about topics that don’t matter to them. They prefer conversations that pique their interest and make them think. It’s all about the deep connection, honey! 

In an introvert’s world, connection is important. Mind-boggling conversations would make them fall in love with you over and over again 😍

#9 They might prefer texts over calls 

Among all the introverts you know, how many of them actually say they love phone calls? None, right? 

Introverts are shy by nature, so making phone calls could be a chore. Expect them to communicate with you through text messages more often all throughout your relationship. 

If you’re just getting to know an introvert, start by creating a conversation online first before asking them out on a date. Heck, they might even prefer virtual dates instead too! 


#10 Let them open up to you at their own pace 

Dating an introvert is hard when they don’t open up to you. Introverts are confined in their little bubble. Trying to force them out could lead them hating you forever. 

One of the crucial things to know before dating an introvert is that, unlike extroverts who freely speak their mind about almost anything, an introverted person would keep things to themselves before feeling comfortable enough to express freely. 

Once they’re comfortable though, watch them run their mouth like there’s no tomorrow. You just have to be patient and not force them to do it.  


And lastly, the final advice for dating an introvert:

#11 Don’t try to change them. 

This would be the recipe for disaster! 😨 If you really wanna make it work with an introvert, try not to change them. Let them be who they are! 

Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert yourself, thinking you could change your beau to the ideal type of person you want them to be is not recommended – this is one of the top tips to date an introvert you can’t ignore. 

Would you want to be with a person who doesn’t accept you for who you are? Yeah, I didn’t think so! 


We hope these tips to date an introvert would help you understand them better! And if you have yet to try your hand in dating an introvert, rest assured you’ll find plenty of them on Sugarbook. Primarily because introverts, after all, prefer to text before actually meeting up.