Attraction is an explosion of feelings, stimulus, and chemistry that lights up when you like someone. 

The heartbeat quickening, palms clamming, goosebumps invoking action as if you’ve been spellbound by an imaginary fairy. 

Except, it’s no fairy. Quite the opposite, it’s the “Science of attraction”.

Studies over the years have found that romantic chemistry relies on a set of “rules” that can increase or decrease your attraction levels. 

Want to learn about the science of attraction towards someone so that you can “hack” your way into his or her life? Pay attention to our laws of attraction below!

Laws of attraction 

1 – Sight

Our eyes are the first components being activated when there is attraction. 

Unfortunately, this is why visual beauty standards exist. Nevertheless, these benchmarks vary between cultures and eras, from one person to another. 

When the eyes spot something intriguing, our instinct prompts us to get closer so that our other senses can investigate along with it. 


2 – Facial characteristics

Round faces, beauty spots, freckles, or an irresistible crooked smile, one or a combination of these traits are attractive to someone. 

Simple, average faces are typically thought to be most attractive, probably because they represent a more diverse mix of genes

Meanwhile, familiar faces are more appealing since people are more likely to be influenced by personal experiences than anything else. 


3 – Voice

Studies show that women find men with low, deep voices more attractive, and this is especially true when they are ovulating. 

There may be a biological reason behind this, as deeper voices have been associated with healthier offspring. Lower pitch also suggests a larger body size in the wild. 

People who are more sexually experienced and sexually active were rated to possess more attractive voices, another study shows


4 – Facial expressions

Unfortunately, resting bitch face or just staring blankly doesn’t fare well when you’re looking for a mate. 

Just picture if someone was eagerly scanning the room to find someone to talk to, does your facial expressions say “please come!” or “go away!”?

Try looking intrigued and excited in the atmosphere, smile, tap your feet to the music, whatever you feel comfortable with. These minute gestures will slowly help you become more approachable.


5 – Memories

Experiences dating back to early childhood can also shape attraction. 

In essence, studies show that we connect people from our early memories to people we meet today. 

We appear to imitate and replicate precious characters from our youth, and may recognise personality features of people in the present that are identical. 


6 – Smell

The nose’s involvement in romantic chemistry goes beyond smelling scents or perfume as it is able to detect biological chemical signals known as pheromones. 

According to studies, males find particular scents in women more appealing, and vice versa.

This, it turns out, has something to do with the level of oestrogen and progesterone in women, as well as testosterone in men. 

Because this balance of hormones suggests female fertility, men find women with high oestrogen and low progesterone levels more desirable. 

Even a whiff of it can enhance male testosterone levels, persuading a man to seek a woman he might have otherwise overlooked.

Women’s noses are particularly sensitive to MHC molecules, which are activated in combating disease. Opposites attract in this scenario because genes that result in broader diversity of immunities may provide children with a significant survival edge. 


7 – More hormones

We already know about pheromones, but there are other hormones at play when it comes to making you feel that warm sensation of being in love. Yes, it’s a hormone party.

Dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin, these are important hormones that make us feel good when we like someone.

You can activate them by doing activities together such as touching, a lot of touching your lover or simply spending time with them.


8 – Taste

People kiss when they like each other. Not just because it’s fun, it’s also a way for us to assess the other individual’s biochemical composition. 

When two people kiss, their bodies are unknowingly smelling and tasting each other to assess if they have different immune responses. 

Because as we now know, there’s greater attraction between individuals with varied immune responses. 


9 – Maturity

Maturity comes from growing from past experiences. 

For instance, young people who are dating for the first time may lean towards a possible mate simply by judging their exterior, and not the interior values which should truly matter.

As you grow in the journey of searching for love, the way you perceive attraction goes beyond physical attraction. You get to increasingly figure out what really matters, and the things you want in your life. 


10 – Body language

Having an open body language will help you to seem more inviting. 

When you’re mentally or emotionally unavailable, your body language can give off negative signals without you realising it. 

Uncross your arms, stop putting your phone up against your chest or hugging your purse tightly at the front. 

Keep your chest, torso, and abdomen area open to tell the world you’re available!


11 – Spread yourself out

Attractive, confident people are rarely hidden in the corner. In fact, they always seem to be the center of attention. 

To spread yourself out, widen your stance, rest on your arms on any close surface, or just keep moving and mingling around to seem more approachable. 


12 – Love

Among attraction, sex, and love, which do you think truly drives us?

Pure love, as it seems, is one of the most intense human emotions, even far more profound than sexual desire.

This can be witnessed when assessing the brain activity of a person recently in love that shows higher activity when compared to sex. 


13 – Hips

Besides body language, body shape is also influential when it comes to the science of attraction, according to studies. 

Women with narrower waists seem more desirable to men. More specifically, women with a waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) ranging from 0.67 to 1.18.

When it comes to men, women find men with WHR between 0.8 and 1.0 to be more attractive, while leaning towards men with broad shoulders.


14 – Health

It’s not always about physical attributes, although a low BMI could sometimes be the reason thanks to warped social expressions, but health is also a deciding factor in attraction. 

Masculinity, averageness, and symmetry in men are positively associated with attractiveness, with signs of adiposity such as being overweight or obese on the other side of the coin. 

Femininity is found to be a positive predictor of attractiveness in women, with obesity found as a negative indicator. 

In essence, if someone appears healthy, as in they get adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a good diet, it can be spotted not just from the outside, but from the way one behaves too. 


15 – Kindness

Kindness can increase someone’s attractiveness and make them more desirable. 

Altruistic characteristics are also more appealing, probably because it was one of our ancestor’s preferred attributes in a mate. 

Because the cost of rearing children would have skyrocketed as the human brain expanded, it was critical for our ancestors to find mates who were both willing and capable of becoming good, long term parents. 

Attraction is complicated. Sometimes, it feels like there’s no sense to it.

But as we now know, there exists a set of laws of attraction working in the background to make things happen. 


Now that you know the 15 rules and sciences of attraction, begin incorporating them into your dating life to start seeing some results!

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