When news broke that Sugarbook was banned in Malaysia, ultimately leading to our Founder’s arrest, we’re sure everyone started wondering the same thing – is this the end of Sugarbook? (or at least in Malaysia? 🧐)

To answer your question, Sugarbook Founder and CEO Darren Chan and his girlfriend sat down with VICE News. 

The exclusive interview wouldn’t be complete if Sugarbook members weren’t asked to share their perspectives now, would it? We had sugar baby Ava and sugar daddy Arif take part in the interview, where they opened up on some thought-provoking insights about their own beneficial relationships.

As Ava reiterates in the video, there’s nothing wrong with sugar dating, no one can force you to do it if you don’t want to.  When questioned if he perceived having to pay a sugar baby for her companionship was transactional, Arif said it was no different than if a man pays for his girlfriend’s meal. Both talked about matters that have been debunked in our common myths about sugar dating post. 

Watch the full video here to see what else went down. And if you’re still feeling just as strongly about becoming a sugar baby or daddy, just know you can always join Sugarbook’s sugar bowl 

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