I know what you’re thinking, sugar daddies are pimps and sugar babies don’t have two brain cells to rub together. I’m not here to judge, I completely get that stereotype. Sugar relationships have had a bad rap in the past, however, they’re now more popular than ever. Why? Because people are finally understanding what a sugar relationship really is. Are you not so sure? Don’t worry, let’s go through this together. Here’s a look at some of the misconceptions of sugar relationships.

Myth #1: That sugar daddies are players

These guys have twenty-five different girls that they rotate on a daily basis and throw cash around like it’s monopoly money – wrong. There’s this idea that men who are sugar daddies are womanizers and players. Okay, honestly, there are some guys that are players, there’s no point denying that. But, in many cases, these men are businessmen who are too busy to invest in a committed and serious relationship. So, why not have a sugar baby who understands that you’re only looking for a casual relationship? When you think about it, it’s actually more respectful that they’re not engaging in a relationship where the girl is waiting around for them and hoping for something more.

Myth #2: Sugar babies are dumb and uneducated

When people think of sugar babies, they think of bimbos. People who just sit at home, waiting for some sugar daddy to hold their hand through life. I mean, that’s how Hollywood shows them. But things aren’t always how they seem. Most of these women are educated, employed and simply looking for a sugar daddy who, sure, spoils them, but also spends time with them traveling, eating delicious food and enjoying a night out on the town. Who doesn’t like that?

Myth #3: It’s all about the sex

If you’re a sugar baby, you’re the main task is to put out, like you’re some sort of sex machine. Yeah, right. If that was the case, being a sugar baby would be so easy. Sugar relationships come in all sorts of arrangements. Some sugar daddies just want companionship. It really depends on what you and your sugar daddy agree to. Remember you are not obligated to do anything you don’t want to.

Myth #4: Sugar babies need to look like Ken and Barbie

To be a sugar baby, you have to have the fake boobs, the puffy lips, the long platinum blonde hair and of course, the juicy ass. You’re wrong again. Like any generalization, of course, there are sugar babies that look like that. But, there are also many sugar babies that aren’t trying to mimic a Barbie doll. You can have an opinion as a sugar baby, you don’t just have to sit at the dinner table batting your eyes. You can order the steak instead of a salad. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to what they find attractive.

Myth #5: Sugar relationships are not real relationships

Let’s just get this straight – they’re relationships. Perhaps they’re not serious relationships but if you’re spending quality time together, sitting down for dinner together and traveling together – you’re together. Many people think that you can’t have a meaningful relationship with your sugar daddy/baby. However, you guys will decide on the level of intimacy that you two will have. So, maybe the relationship will be very one-dimensional, however, in other cases, they’ll be very intimate and complex. The choice is really up to you. Or maybe it will happen naturally, it’s a relationship, you know how these things work.