Gary Chapman changed the dating world by introducing a book called ‘The Five Love Languages’ back in 1992, possibly saving a couple or more relationships. 

If you haven’t taken the quiz to find out what your love language is, you should. Once you’ve figured out your love language through this test, you’ll find it easier to date (trust us, we’re speaking from experience here. 🙃)

After all, in relationships, specific needs should be met and not ignored. Relationships are meant to feel loved and cared for, while also adding happiness into your life. ✨

Without further ado, let’s get down to business and find out what the 5 types of love languages are:

5 Types of Love Languages

In the book, he listed 5 main love languages which are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts. 

If you can’t tell the difference, we explained what these 5 love languages actually mean in summary and ways on how you could make your partner feel loved.

1. Words of Affirmation

You probably have to repeat the words ‘I love you’ more than 100 times a day. No joke. 

But in all seriousness – if your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, they love to hear how much you love them, random compliments, sweet mushy words and basically anything that’s in the form of words. 

In summary, words of affirmation is all about expressing your love through the form of words, be it in text or real life conversations. Apparently, it’s also the common love language among the five. 

To make your partner feel loved all the time, you could send them a compliment through text or tell them how much you appreciate all the things they have done for you. 


2. Quality Time

Quality time stands for those who prefer to spend time with their partners without distractions. Meaning, they prefer you to give your full attention to them whenever you guys are together. 

It’s not just by simply spending time, they’ll feel loved. If you’re constantly on your phone playing games or scrolling through social media when you’re with them, it doesn’t work that way at all.

You could schedule a regular date session every Friday night (toss those handphones away, pls!) or plan a weekend getaway together, just the two of you alone. 💑

Give them your utmost attention whenever you both are having a conversation while maintaining regular eye contact. But if you can’t do this, they’ll feel like a single pringle. 


3. Physical Touch

When it comes to physical touch, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably one word – sex 👉👌. But physical touch is much more than that. 

It involves regular hand holding, massages, hugs, and playing with their hair. Kisses and hugs are what they literally live for! 💏

Without constant touch of the skin, they’ll feel lonely and not loved by you. Yes, regular sex is important too, but even random kissses on the cheek could do the trick too. 💋

Whenever your partner is going out without you, kiss them on the lips or cheek before they leave. While watching a movie, simply embrace them and play with their fingers. 

Cuddle your partner often too, but this is a given since cuddles usually lead to a round of sexy time anyway 😏 Maximum physical touch right there! 


4. Acts of Service 

This love language is when they expect you to do nice things for them by offering to help ease their burdens through the form of actions. Share certain responsibilities to lighten their workload.

It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, but rather all the little things such as washing the dishes, offering to help clean your car, or cooking for them. 

You could let them know that you’ll help them to settle some of the things they find stressful to do. From day to day tasks to heavier ones, they’ll feel loved if you help them out. 


5. Receiving Gifts 

The least common love language among the five, receiving gifts involves a whole of random surprises being left at their doorsteps 🎁

It may seem like receiving gifts is more of a person being very materialistic, but in actual fact, it’s not about how much it costs, it’s the matter of gift giving. 

You could easily surprise them with a handmade gift or something that they’ve been wanting all this while – they’ll appreciate it nonetheless regardless of what’s written on the price tag. 

Never ever forget getting them a gift for special occasions like your anniversary, or even worse – their birthday. There’s no other way to make them feel uncared for by doing so! 


Why Is It Important To Know Your Own & Your Partner’s Love Languages

Now that you know the 5 types of love languages, you need to know why it’s important too! 

Have you ever felt so unloved by your partner? Arguments always lead to the sentence, ‘I feel like you don’t understand me!’

Little did you know, by knowing your love language through the quiz, you might just save your relationship from always feeling misunderstood all the time. 

If you’re still unsure whether learning each other’s love languages will make a difference in your love life, the reasons below would convince you otherwise:

  • Communication becomes easier 

Sometimes, when you try to explain to them you’d love it if they could compliment us more, do the chores every week and so on, they don’t understand why you’re asking for all these things. 

Naturally, not everyone understands the things you’d like them to do for you, which is where the love languages play a vital role in that. 

By knowing what their expectations are when it comes to feeling loved, you both will be able to do them without feeling like you’re forced to. Instead, you’ll realize that’s just how they feel loved! 🥰


  • You’ll feel more appreciated and valued

If your partner regularly surprises you with gifts and you’re complimenting them instead because that’s what both of your love languages are. 

We tend to react in the way of how we expect to be treated. So whatever you’re doing to your partner, you’d expect the same back. 

What happens is that you both wouldn’t feel appreciated because they expect you to give them gifts as their love language is ‘receiving gifts’ whereas yours is ‘words of affirmation’.

When you both understand how you’ll feel appreciated based on your love language, the thought of not being able to understand each other wouldn’t cross your minds anymore. 


  • It’ll be easier to make them feel loved without having to ask

We’re pretty sure this happens all the time – sometimes you’d wish your partner would make the first move or put in more effort by showering you with compliments, offering to help you with chores, etc. 

But if you understand each other’s love languages, you will know why and without thinking twice, you’ll do it for them. It’ll be automatic. 

You and your partner would get the gist of the ways they could make you feel more loved and appreciated, whether it is through quality time, physical touch, and so on. 


So, what now? 

Well, always remember – it takes two to tango. If your partner fails to learn your love language and doesn’t take action to make sure you’re feeling loved based on your own love language, then perhaps you should re-think your relationship – possibly even a break up. 😕

If your partner fails to understand (or simply doesn’t want to), you might want to try an honest & beneficial relationship with a sugar baby or sugar daddy


Because in an honest & beneficial relationship, you need to find someone who agrees with your needs as well as someone whose needs you could agree on. Hence, you’ll have to know each other’s love languages to make the relationship work! 

And if you end up having a successful relationship with your sugar, you’ll have Gary Chapman to thank for that.