‘’How do I know how much is enough to give as an allowance?’’ is a common preliminary question every sugar daddy should ask himself. Now, you must know that the impressive generosity is a requirement for being a sugar daddy. How do you know if your ways of impressing your sugar baby is inclined with what she really wants?

Here are four important things to keep in mind when deciding what a sugar baby’s allowance should be : 



Are you comfortable with giving your sugar baby a monthly allowance? Or would you prefer to support her in other ways such as maybe taking her on exotic vacations, shopping sprees or perhaps even paying for her student loan? Maybe you prefer to occasionally her lavish gifts. All of the options above are acceptable as long as you make it clear to you sugar baby from the beginning of the relationship. Make sure the both of you have the same financial expectations.


Set Your Budget

How much are you willing to give? Before committing to a regular income for your sugar baby, you must know how much disposable income you have. Take a look at your finances before making a promise you cannot keep. If you promised your sugar baby that you’ll give her a monthly allowance and a credit card to swipe, be sure to set aside an adequate amount of money sufficient for your sugar life.


Discuss Expectations

Parameters and expectations should be discussed and confirmed before agreeing to an arrangement. If you plan to have a sugar baby in your life, you need to be fiscally reliable in the relationship. Allowance concepts and level ranges widely. Different people have different lifestyle needs and the only way to ensure a happy relationship is to have open and honest discussions.


Offer Your Best

Today, the sugar daddy competition is fierce. As many options you have when picking your sugar baby, sugar babies have their options too. An important tip to keep in mind is to be as generous as your budget allows. Cater to her wants and needs. Every sugar baby has their own preference, find out what works best for the both of you. If you find that you’re able to meet her needs, its time for you to enjoy life as a sugar daddy with your top-notch sugar baby by your side.