Sugar Dating: How To Avoid Salt Daddies

If you aren’t familiar with the term “salt daddy” by now, this post is for you! If you are thinking of becoming a sugar baby, you must know how to distinguish between a genuine sugar daddy and a fake salt daddy who wants to waste your time. 

You’ll avoid a lot of hassle and shame by doing this, and you’ll also enjoy yourself more when ‘in the sugar bowl’! 

What is a salt daddy?

“As you can probably already tell from the name, a salt daddy is the complete opposite of a sugar daddy. He’s someone who wants to date a sugar baby, but doesn’t have the means nor manners to afford one.” 

In a nutshell, they want a sugar baby to fulfill their wishes without providing any financial support or having any relationship. Obviously, this is a huge red flag because it shows the characteristics of someone who doesn’t respect women in any way. 

Falling for a salt daddy can be dangerous, so read on if you are a sugar baby to become a pro at identifying them and staying out of harm’s way.

Why do sugar babies fall for salt daddies?

Why do sugar babies fall for salt daddies

Ironically, salt daddies typically hide the fact that they have nothing to offer by overselling. Especially for new sugar babies, it can be tricky to tell the difference between real promises and empty promises, so they often fall for far-fetched lies. They’re also usually good at acting since their ultimate goal is to get the sugar baby to fall for them.  


Red flags – how to identify salt daddies

How to avoid salt daddies tip

So, if they SOUND and LOOK like a genuine sugar daddy, how can you tell salt daddies apart and avoid falling for their tricks?

  • Age

Generally, salt daddies are made up of broke boys in their twenties or thirties looking for a good time without spending a dime. They typically don’t have much success with women in real life, which causes some of them to be spiteful toward women in general. 

Although older men can also be salt daddies, it’s not as expected since they would rather not waste their time, and they can usually have enough money to spend on a sugar baby.

  • All he talks about is sex

Sugar relationships are all about building genuine connections. While sexual favors are a part of it, it is something that gradually happens, like in “conventional” relationships. Remember, being a sugar baby isn’t prostitution and doesn’t revolve around sex. 

So if all he talks about is sex, even after you’ve tried changing topics, block him, and move on to your next catch!

  • Always having money problems

Another red flag is always having problems with paying your allowance or paying for anything in general. Genuine sugar daddies will automatically pay for everything on the first date. Think about it – if your goal is to find a daddy who can afford to give you an allowance and spoil you, picking up the check shouldn’t be a problem at all. 

To determine if he is a salt daddy, try bringing up conversations about allowance during the texting stage and see how he responds. If he keeps trying to change the subject, or worse, he keeps talking about sex, there’s no point continuing the conversation.

  • Too much bragging but no substance

Being boastful is one thing, but claiming to have millions in the bank only to take you to a mediocre restaurant or bar is a big RED FLAG. A real sugar daddy who wants to impress you and keep seeing you will pull out all the stops on the very first date simply because he can afford to. It won’t even cause a dent in his wallet, so to him, it comes naturally.

  • He makes you come to him for your date

When a sugar daddy wants to meet his sugar baby, he will come to you. Otherwise, a real daddy would make the necessary arrangements, such as hiring a taxi and paying for it or even sending his chauffeur to pick you up. 

If he asks you to meet him somewhere and doesn’t even offer to pay for it, that is a HUGE red flag. 


How to avoid salt daddies

How to avoid salt daddies


The first step to avoiding salt daddies is to use reputable sites like Sugarbook. Of course, a handful of scammers might find their way onto the platform, but generally, it is an established site filled with more genuine daddies than fake ones. 

Secondly, get to know potential daddies before meeting up with them by text or video call. Ask questions to get to know one another and bring up the topic of allowance – this is where you should get a sense of their true intentions.

“Once you make it to your first date, this doesn’t mean the test is over. You’ll be able to get an even better sense of them in person, so be on your toes and don’t give in to anything until you’re sure.” 


“In fact, nothing should happen on the first meet-up except getting to know one another. If they’re persistent about ending the date with a sexual favor, turn them down politely. A genuine sugar daddy will respect your decision and be excited about your next date, but a salt daddy would surely be annoyed/angry that you’ve wasted their time. In any case, that’ll save you from being scammed!”

Sadly, scammers are everywhere these days. This is why the ability to tell genuine sugar daddies from fake salt daddies is an important life skill for sugar babies to gain. One main piece of advice; you should stick by is to be careful at all times and never give in to anything until you’re sure. Always tell someone if you’re meeting a potential sugar daddy for the first time, and always meet at a public spot where plenty of other people are around.

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