Oh yes, you heard that question right. We here at Sugarbook are all about pushing buttons, and this includes questions that people are constantly whispering about because saying it too loud might make it true. 

So it’s time for the million-dollar question: does size matter? And no, we’re not talking about shoes. It’s no secret that us ladies use our supersonic vision for quickly taking a peek to see if someone’s trousers happened to be a bit more full than usual— quickly followed by the gasp of approval after. 

So what’s the deal with the size of this particular male organ that we’re so obsessed with? Why is it that this is a constant question, a butt of a joke in various forms of media— which ultimately results in male insecurity?

We propose a different perspective on the topic; why does size matter? After all, gifts are nothing to a man if he does not know how to use them. While it’s expected to have size preferences, the common misconception is that all women want men who are packing. 

Yes, you read that right; MISCONCEPTION. Time for a little pat on the backs of men who have been worrying about the size of their members because shockingly, women don’t necessarily want massive Johnsons that wreck their insides. Keep that fantasy for your tentacle hentai scenes. 

Does Size Really Matter In A Relationship?

So you’ve got yourself a sugar boo, but the question that’s haunting your mind is if your size is enough for her. Or maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum: is what you’ve got down there too much for her? Both are extremely valid concerns and today, we aim to please with our answers on size preferences and if size even matters at all for sexual relationships. 


Girth Above All

Source: Corsair’s Business

In almost any surveys given to women regarding length versus girth for knob size, the answers were almost unanimously girth. There’s nothing sexier than a good, thick, veiny wang! While your little friend may not necessarily be as tall as his fellow peers, the size of it doesn’t matter when you’re thick enough for your lady. 


The Micropenis

A genuine medical condition, the micropenis is often treated as a joke when in fact, statistically it impacts more men than one would think. While this is an issue of its own to deal with, men with micropenises often learn that sex isn’t all about penetration. This is a golden opportunity for you to learn to listen to your partner and indulge them in the various other ways of enjoying sex. 

That being said, women should feel comfortable enough to tell their partner if their partner’s size is what isn’t sexually satisfying them. What’s the point of having sex if you’re not enjoying it anyway?


Length Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Source: HuffPost

So you’re the proud owner of a monster schlong! Congratulations. Asides the jealous, slightly homoerotic comments from your male comrads, how’s that sex life going? Contrary to popular belief, having a penis that is more than the average size of males may actually be a downside when it comes to sex. 

This is due to angles and positions, which could mean that you aren’t actually pleasuring your partner as much as you’re bruising her uterus. If that sounds unpleasant to you— it’s because it is in fact, extremely uncomfortable and painful. 


Sex Toys

So you don’t own a monster schlong. Been there, felt that. The good news though, is that your boo thang can still feel like she’s being excavated from the inside out with the help of sex toys. From all sizes to textures, dildos are magical tools to help assist you if your size isn’t enough to satisfy your partner. After all, when you own a horse dildo, you’d be thinking to yourself if size ever mattered at all in a relationship. 



Source: The Voice Of Woman

Perhaps the most important point of all, if your partner’s size is something that is bothering you— speak about it. Too big or too small, size does count in a sexual relationship. The issue is communicating clearly about what it is that you like and how the both of you can work towards that. Size preferences are just that; a preference. The reality is that the sexual appendage is attached to an actual person at the end of the day, which is the real beauty of communication. 


The Male Ego

Oh, we couldn’t leave this one out. If you happen to be smaller than the average size, trust us when we say we can tell based on how you act. Most women, while disappointment may be apparent from the start, would not care for size if you’re making her scream in all the right ways. 

Overcompensation for your size is never attractive and if anything, it will repel more women away from you. Women would rather take a less than average-sized peen if it’s at least attached to a decent person! 

A partner’s size may sometimes be a dealbreaker in a sexual relationship and we need to come to terms with how that is okay. Sometimes, people do just want you for your body. Which is why it’s so important to keep working on yourself. 

Remember guys, in order to have a good sexual relationship with your partner; you just need to know what they like. 

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So we end this discussion with this grand conclusion; yes— size does matter. Your partner’s size should be adequate enough to keep you sexually satisfied, and if not, it’s time to start talking about it! Life’s too short to be taking a pecker that’s a wrecker. 

Big, small, thick, thin; we gotta love them all. No room for body shaming in this house, and that extends to all the rods we’ve been piped down by (and if God willing, will be piped with). 

Till the next one, lovebirds!