A sugar relationship is supposedly all about a fair exchange between two individuals – companionship and other benefits for money and vice versa. 

But what happens when suddenly feelings are involved? Yikes! 

We hate to break it to you, but love is something you can’t control honey. 

When you’ve decided to start Sugaring, nobody actually prepares themselves when they unexpectedly fall in love with their partners. Even more so when it’s a temporary relationship. 

If you are finding yourself head over heels with your sugar partner, you may not know how to deal with it. 

Before you start freaking out about it, let us lend you a helping hand on that! 

Is It Possible To Fall In Love With Your Partner? 

Yes, you can. 

Amidst the companionship and money involved, it still is a relationship after all, except it’s an honest & beneficial one. 

Some sugar relationships even end up in marriage! Best believe, there is a possibility of you falling in love with your sugar partner. 

And we’re here to tell you that it’s totally normal. Humans are made to have feelings one way or another no matter what the circumstances are! 

If you find yourself slowly falling in love with your sugar partner, ahead, we talk about everything you need to know. 


Signs You or Your Sugar Partner Caught Feelings 

You find their quirks and personality absolutely charming

Suddenly, you find the little things they do adorable. You’re completely attracted to your sugar partner. 

When you feel like dropping all of your other potential partners you’ve been talking to in Sugarbook simply because you feel like you’ve hit a jackpot with them. You crave for actual intimacy, wanting to spend almost every waking moment together. 


You actually genuinely care about your sugar partner

It’s not just about the dollar bills or companionship anymore. You care about their well-being, wondering if they’re doing okay. 

You ponder about whether they’re healthy and get worried when they’ve fallen sick.


You foresee a future together 

The thought of potentially marrying your sugar partner lingers through your mind often. Perhaps you could imagine yourself having a committed relationship instead beyond the initial arrangement. 

Maybe if it’s not marriage, but you can picture yourself having a serious, committed and exclusive relationship with them. 


What To Do If You Catch Feelings

Talk to them about it 

Let them know what’s on your mind. Express yourself about the way you feel about them. 

But don’t straight up say ‘I love you!’! Instead, plan a proper conversation and see what they think of you as well. 

Communication is key in every aspect of a relationship, even if it’s a transactional one. 


Re-think about what you want in a sugar relationship

Since you both decided on certain terms at the beginning of your relationship, it’s best to re-think what you really want out of it. 

Most of the time, we either want money or companionship, perhaps sex could be on the table as well. 

But if you’re starting to catch feelings for your sugar partner, maybe you’re looking for more than just an arrangement kind of relationship. 


Ignorance is bliss 

Well, the other safer route to not jeopardize your sugar relationship is by shoving those feelings aside. Pretend it never even existed.   

What feelings? Nah! You never fell for them. 🤭

Sugar relationships sometimes are just temporary (depending on what’s your agreement with your sugar partner), it might be better for you to just hold it out until it ends. Your feelings might even fade away by then too! 


What To Do If You Don’t Want To Commit 

Not looking for more than just a simple transactional relationship? That’s fine too! You’re not forced to commit if you don’t want to in the first place. 

Letting your SD or SB know that you’re just looking for something casual without feelings involved can be a little tricky. 

Here are some of the things you could do to prevent from anyone’s feelings from getting hurt: 


This should be done without a question. Trust us on this – it could potentially save any damage being done to your sugar partner or the relationship itself. 

Of course, it’s also common courtesy to say sorry if things don’t go as planned. Perhaps they think you would also be interested in something more? 


Explain the reason why 

You gotta explain why you don’t want to commit! They shouldn’t be left hanging wondering why you don’t reciprocate the same feelings back.

Are you scared of getting into a committed relationship? Do you feel like you can’t trust yourself to be in one? 

Whatever it is, tell them the truth. They deserve to know so you won’t be labeled as a heartless human being. 


Decide what to do about the relationship 

Now, you two have to decide what to do about it. Since you both started off as a sugar relationship, if it’s too hard on your partner to be in one where feelings are in the picture, perhaps it would be better to break it off. 

But if those feelings aren’t too burdensome, maybe you two could continue where you left off by having a fully transactional relationship, no strings attached. 


Now that you know what to do if you fell in love with your sugar partner, you could go ahead and sign in without having to worry! If you’re not part of the sugar bowl community, Sugarbook welcomes you with open arms. 

And if you need more help with your relationship problems? Our blog has everything you need!