We know you’ve been curious about the lives of sugar babies and sugar daddies in Singapore.

So has Kelly, a Singaporean content creator who’s tired of using conventional dating apps to find her perfect date. So much so that she has considered becoming a sugar baby herself!

To turn that curiosity into reality, Kelly signed up as a sugar baby on Sugarbook and went on an undercover date as a sugar baby with a promising sugar daddy. In this video, you’ll find out how actual sugar dating and transactional relationships (better known as honest & beneficial relationship) work.  

Kelly and the sugar daddy (who has a net worth of USD1 million 🤯) also proceed to negotiate their Terms of Relationship on the first date, which is what we highly recommend you to do.

Instead of experiencing the fun of sugar dating through Kelly’s point of view, why not be Kelly yourself? Sign up to Sugarbook and go on your own sugar adventure today ✨

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