When trying to understand the dynamics of the sugar bowl, it’s always essential for Sugar Babies to be aware of changes in the trends in regards to Sugar Daddies.

Lily, a Malaysian Sugar Baby in her late 20s, is only now starting her second year of university studies in Mass Communication and Psychology, and these are her thoughts and insights on what the new ‘generation’ of younger Sugar Daddies are looking for when it comes to sugar dating. 

“Sugaring pays well: I don’t have to worry about getting a scholarship or consider a part-time job if I don’t want to,” she admits candidly.

Sugar Daddies’ Needs & Wants

Lily’s Sugar Daddy provides a monthly allowance and pays her tuition fees each semester. In return, she gives them her time, companionship, attention, and her views and opinions on specific topics. Lily’s foray into sugar meant she spent much of her time on Pay-Per-Meets (PPMs) before settling on her current long-term arrangements. 

“Things have been changing, and nowadays, daddies come from many new places and backgrounds and are more open to sharing.” 

She admits, “There was a time when a Sugar Daddy could demand a degree of exclusivity. That’s just not the case anymore, Daddy’s are changing.” 

“Check out any sugaring sites, and you can see that the stereotypical “wealthy, older daddy” is changing. There is a growing presence of younger professionals as young as their early 20s from nationalities not typically seen in the sugar bowl, including Eastern Europe, Africa, and the rest of Asia”. 

sugar daddy with sugar baby 2024

Many are entrepreneurs with a Finance, Fintech, IT, or entrepreneurship background. But all of them know and are eager to take what the non-traditional nature of sugar dating offers: Open, honest communication, clear boundaries, and flexibility based on availability to find companionship and forge real emotional connections. 

Evolving Sugar Daddy Motivations

Getting financial support remains a motivation for Sugar Babies on SugarBook and other sugar dating platforms; the newer Sugar Daddy motivations are more subtle and nuanced. They are actively seeking emotional connection and genuine companionship with their chosen sugar babies.

Evolving Sugar Daddy Motivations

Lily speaks from her personal experiences, “Different Sugar Daddies all want to have the same things, but how they get them is what sets them apart. One of my older Sugar Daddies shared his love of music when he took me to The Curiosity Iron River in KL for live music. He is equally content at home, making breakfast with me.

“Younger Sugar Daddies are down for more physical activities ranging from go-karting to rock climbing. I think they’re indulging their inner child or chasing an adrenalin rush. But those were great experiences as well.” 

sugar baby physical training

The shared experiences in sugar dating form the basis of a relationship, which becomes the foundation of a relationship based on trust, emotional connection, and clear communication. 

A Broader Definition of Beauty. 

The growing diversity of Sugar Daddies has also diversified what they find attractive and/or beautiful. In the past, there was an emphasis on conforming to so-called “beauty standards” set by society, high fashion, and, of course, the sugar dating community. 

Today, there is a subtle shift towards embracing diversity and celebrating individuality. As women gain confidence and are empowered to be themselves, Sugar Daddies are appreciative of a wider range of body types, ethnicities, personal styles, and more. 

Lily herself is neither the ideal of Western or Asian beauty. “I’m in the middle. I’m just a… slightly above-average-looking Asian-American girl. I don’t have an “A+” cosmetics game or the wardrobe of an Asian heiress. But my Sugar Daddies are interested in being with the real me – not me under a half-pound of foundation, mascara, and other makeup. Sugar dating emphasizes everyone being honest about themselves. We can be our authentic selves”.

Intellectual Compatability and Companionship. 

Intellectual Compatability and Companionship. 

“Being a Sugar Baby is no longer about just being some “pretty arm candy” at some high society event,” says Lily. 

“Today, Sugar Daddies want intellectual compatibility, companionship, and someone to bond with. These are becoming increasingly common requirements with all Sugar Daddies.”

Just as Sugar Daddies are more open and accepting of what they find attractive, they also desire more: to have shared interests and interesting, intelligent conversations. The importance of having that meaningful connection cannot be understated. 


Financial Expectations

Sugar Daddies understand that financial expectations will significantly influence sugar dating. What’s changing is how this is provided. Pay-per-meet arrangements remain unchanged. Other arrangements are based on what is paid for. 

sugar dating Financial Expectations

“My tuition fees are covered by my Sugar Daddy, who also pays for my on-campus housing and cafeteria food. We meet a few times a week and spend maybe two weekends a month together, except when I have coursework or examinations.” 

“Another Sugar Daddy focuses on events and trips. There is travel and staycation. Sometimes poolside at Sunway, other times at Langkawi or Thailand. Everything is paid for; I just have to be with him, share the moments, and create unforgettable memories with him. I have turned down some of his offers, but he’s okay with that. He understands that not everything appeals to everyone all the time.” 

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Different daddies want different things and will pay for them in different ways. The key is open and honest communication to ensure that everyone understands each other’s expectations about the kind of expected financial support. 

Things are changing in the sugar bowl. 

Things are changing. We’re seeing younger, more diverse, and equally affluent Sugar Daddies entering the sugar dating community, who know what they seek and are prepared to compensate accordingly. 

The “new generation” of Sugar Daddies also bring a more comprehensive and inclusive view of what is beautiful to the sugar dating community, placing a high value on intellectual compatibility and companionship as part of finding mutually beneficial arrangement. 


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