In the previous article, we discussed about when you should break up with your partner. Now let’s take a look at signs you are ready for a new relationship. 

Whether you were previously in a relationship or have been single for a long time, wanting to find love is a natural human desire. If the thought of jumping into a relationship either thrills or scares you, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re ready for a relationship. Take note if you’re hesitating, or if you can’t answer with confidence. Here are some signs that you are ready for a relationship. 


1. You are selfless and put others before you 

One good sign that shows you are ready for a relationship is when you’re able to put others’ needs and happiness before yours. It could be something as simple as compromising on what movie to watch or what to eat for dinner. If you find you are not ready to give in and prefer your own choices all the time, this is a sign you’re not ready for a relationship.


2. Being flexible 

Being in a relationship means sometimes you gotta be flexible to make changes to your plans. When two people are constantly together, spending time also means figuring out how to spend time together. You may want to try out a new sushi place on the weekends, but maybe your partner has something else in mind. 


3. You understand the importance of good communication 

Being in a relationship means there will be a time you come across issues where you will disagree with your partner. If you are able to have open and honest communication with your partner without being judgmental or defensive, you are ready to find a companion. 


4. Accepting someone for who they are 

If you go into a relationship with plenty of expectations or hoping to change a person into someone you want them to be, you are doomed in making the relationship unsuccessful. In any healthy relationship, it is important to love someone for the person that they are and be loved for who you are too. If you love someone truly, you won’t force changes on them and accept them for who they are. 


5. Looking for someone to make you happy 

When you are ready to find love, it means you are happy inside out and you know what you want. Plenty of people have the wrong reasons for finding a partner. With the assumption that you will be finally happy when you find someone, this is another sign you’re not ready for a relationship. Nobody should be held responsible for your happiness, other than you. You should own your happiness, not expect someone else to come and make you happy for the rest of your life. If you feel you are already happy being on your own, then being in a relationship means you have more love to give to others and wanting to share your happiness and life with another person.


6. You no longer think about getting back together with your ex 

If you think you want to find someone just to get back at your ex, then you are not ready to be in a relationship. This often backfires. Getting together with someone new hoping to make your ex jealous and come crawling back to you, will only result in more people getting hurt. So, make sure you are no longer thinking about getting together with your ex.


7. You are ready to share your life with someone else 

If you feel you are comfortable being alone but would like to share your life with someone else and having a meaningful relationship, then you are ready to be in a relationship. But don’t get into a relationship just to have company because you are uncomfortable being alone. This will cause problematic behaviours like coming across as being too needy. 


8. You can let go of small things 

If you find that you are constantly nitpicking others on small details, this is a sign you are not ready to share your life with another person. Nobody likes to be nagged or micro-managed. When a couple gets together, it should be because they love each other for who they are, even the little imperfections.


9. You have thrown your checklist out the door 

Sometimes it is hard to find a worthy partner because of all the checkbox they didn’t meet. When you are constantly keeping track of whether the person matches your checklist, you will be missing out on all the positive traits the person has. This is because you have been putting too much focus on meeting your expectations of your dream partner. If you have an unrealistic checklist to fulfil, then you are not ready to jump into a relationship. 


10. Excess baggage no longer exists 

When you have just ended your previous relationship, it is very common to carry a lot of emotional baggage with you. Because of the way the relationship ended, you may hold on to certain emotional feelings that stop you from moving on. If you hurry on to the next relationship just so you can fill the void in your life, you’re bound to be disappointed. Not only will you risk hurting yourself, you’ll also risk hurting someone else. Let’s say your last relationship ended because the other party was unfaithful; you might go into a new relationship always having suspicions if your new partner is going to cheat on you. 


11. Trust 

A successful relationship can only happen if you trust each other. There is no point in entering a new relationship if you had trust issues. In this case, it would be better to stay single until you can trust again. 


12. Remaining independent 

It is normal to want to spend a whole lot of time together when you have just started a new relationship. You want to commit and want to get to know more about each other. But don’t ever let go of your independence once you have met your ideal partner. Nobody likes being suffocated in a relationship where the world revolves around just the two of you. Make sure to keep in touch with your friends and have your hobbies and interests even after finding love. It is healthy to have your passions and activities that you love to do solo. You don’t have to do everything together all the time. 


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