Dating is all fun and games until problems start to surface. 

Many of us have been in and out of relationships, and we might have been scared and get hurt more than we’d like to admit. They might have subconsciously led to us having relationship anxiety and it’s probably already doing harm in our relationships that we don’t even realise. 

So what are the relationship anxiety signs you should look out for? 

Here Are 15 Relationship Anxiety Signs To Take Note Of

1) You have consistent thoughts of your partner breaking up with you

We all have been there. Endless thoughts relating to breaking up swarming around our heads for days. 

When you’re wondering what are the common relationship anxiety signs, doubting the fact that your partner wants to stay in a relationship with you is definitely a clear sign. 

Even when your relationship is going pretty well with little to no fights and you still can’t help but think they want to end things with you, it’s one of the relationship anxiety symptoms.  


2) You question their love for you

If you find yourself asking questions like ‘Does he or she really love me?’ ‘Are his/her feelings for me genuine?’

Chances are, you’re probably experiencing one of the relationship anxiety symptoms. 

You doubt their feelings for you whenever they reply to a text late or if they give you a cold shoulder for a little while even if it means nothing – they could just be hella tired! 

Though we all feel this way, it shouldn’t be happening too often as it could really hurt your partner. It shows that you don’t believe in them, and that’s not how a relationship should be.


3) You’re always wondering if they’re going to cheat on you

Having expectations that your partner will cheat on you is one of the clear relationship anxiety signs. Maybe because of a past trauma that made you feel like they might just cheat on you too. 

Whatever it may be, if you keep expecting your partner to cheat on you, you’re going to live a life full of fear. 

This might just damage your relationship in the long run because it shows that you simply don’t trust your partner. 


4) You tend to overthink what they say


Those who experience relationship anxiety symptoms would always over analyze and overthink their partner’s words. 

Getting hurt or misunderstanding the words that your partner is saying could lead to endless arguments which shouldn’t happen in the first place if you don’t have relationship anxiety. 

When you find yourself overthinking your partner’s words, you should ask them to clarify instead of leaving it all in your head. Communication is #1, people! 

Don’t leave your hunny in the dark just because you assume things that aren’t even true. 


5) You’re worried if they still find you attractive

In the beginning stage of all relationships, your hands are always all over each other. The only attractive person in the world is your partner, period. 

However, overtime as the relationship progresses, you might wonder if they still find you as attractive as before. Maybe you think they might hop on the next pretty girl or handsome man they see. 

That is one of the relationship anxiety signs because you’re constantly worried about your partner losing attraction. Hence, you’re constantly asking them if they are still into you. 

Why is this bad? They might just get annoyed with you not trusting them when they say you’re the only one in their eyes. 

Relationships aren’t solely based on physical attraction anyway! It’s a waste of time and energy overthinking about the fact that they no longer find you attractive.   


6) You regularly check their texts

When you’re experiencing any relationship anxiety symptoms, reading your partner’s text on their phones becomes a regular routine.

Oftentimes, it could be related to your past experiences where you weren’t able to trust your previous partners. 

Not only would it show your partner you can’t trust them, but you’re also totally invading their privacy. It’s not normal to always go through your partner’s texts. 

So if you find yourself going through their phones, it could be one of the relationship anxiety signs which you can’t ignore. 


7) You’re doubting your compatibility with each other

After the honeymoon phase is over, flaws usually appear out of nowhere and that’s when you both will start to wonder whether you’re compatible as a couple. 

When you’re unsure about incompatibilities with your partner, it’s one of the relationship anxiety signs, such as you’re always worried whether you and your partner are compatible in the sense of personal goals and views. 

Most of the time, some of the incompatibilities are acceptable and shouldn’t be taken as a clear sign to break up. But if you have relationship anxiety, you might think a break up should happen. 


8) You don’t spend enough time enjoying your relationship

People with relationship anxiety tend to overwhelm their minds with the negatives instead of actually truly enjoying the good times spent together. 

You’ll be spending all your time worrying about your relationship when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. 


9) You cling to them 24/7

Do you always want to spend time with your partner every single waking moment? 

Though it could seem like a really sweet gesture, but, more often than not, you cling to them because you’re afraid they’ll leave you. 

If they’re not by your side, you might actually lose your mind. Sounds like you? Yeah, it’s a common relationship anxiety sign. 


10) You feel like breaking up even if things are going well


Everything is perfect, you have no arguments, you both are simply just so in love. But you want to break up. What? 

When things are going so smoothly and you feel like it’s too good to be true, you might want to break up with them because you’re afraid something might go wrong. 

Relationship anxiety could make you run right out of the door, even if nothing is wrong.


11) You’re always comparing your relationship 

Let’s face it – comparison is totally inevitable. But honey, if you’re comparing your relationship to your previous exes or other couples instead of focusing on your own, you’re showing relationship anxiety symptoms. 

All relationships are different, you shouldn’t compare your current partner with anyone else because well, it’s obviously going to hurt their feelings. 

Plus, there’s no room for your own relationship to grow if you’re too focused on everything else other than you and your beau. 


12) You’re always afraid to take things to another level 

Sex? Meeting parents? Moving in together? If all of these make you want to look for the door that says ‘EXIT’, those are obvious relationship anxiety signs. 

Avoiding all these important steps that could bring your relationship forward shows anxiety is running in your blood. 

You’re probably afraid of rejection because what’s the point of meeting each other’s families when your relationship isn’t going to last? 


13) You keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself


You’re afraid that by voicing out, you might get rejected. So what’s the best thing to do? Keep everything to yourself and be overly accommodating to the core for your lovely beau. 

It’s because you’re scared they might end up leaving you when you disagree with them. That’s one of the relationship anxiety signs that show you’re worried the relationship will go down the drain so you only focus on their needs instead of yours. 


14) You’re always thinking they have hidden agendas 

‘He/she probably does nice things for me because he/she wants something from me in return.’ 

Sounds familiar? It’s one of the relationship anxiety symptoms. Why? Because you’re always thinking they don’t actually mean what they say or you don’t believe their actions show that they love and care for you. 


15) You feel like you’re not good enough for them 

If this sounds like you, perhaps you might have a little trouble with low self-esteem. 

Worrying about whether you’re worthy enough for your partner could be one of the relationship anxiety signs related to your own self-confidence.  

You think they deserve better, and so you feel like breaking up with them simply because you want them to find someone better than you, even if they offer reassurance that you’re good enough. 

So, after you’ve read through this article and know about the relationship anxiety signs, hopefully, you’ll know how to handle your relationship better. If you have a current partner and some of these signs show either one of you has relationship anxiety, take the time to work on your relationship and fix things accordingly. 

But if you don’t have a relationship and are ready to jump back into the dating scene, consider meeting new people and potential partners on Sugarbook. At the very least, you’ll know better how to manage a relationship if there’s anxiety involved and hey, practice makes perfect!