You’ve taken the first step and set up your Sugarbook account.

Now, take a step back and review your profile.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Does my profile picture look inviting and attractive?
  2. Is my tag line catchy enough to get attention?
  3. Have I described who I am and what I am looking for succinctly?
  4. Are my photos a clear depiction of whom I want to present to my audience?
  5. And then, most importantly, will I click on my own profile?

One of the best ways to attract the interest of your audience is to upload a profile picture which shows you smiling and happy. Everyone is drawn to positive energy, even through a picture on the screen. Therefore, choose a main photo of yourself in a casual setting with visible view of your friendly face. Also, you can upload a few more photos (around 3-5) to build more traction to your profile.

If you have to describe yourself in one sentence, what would you like to say?

That’s the vital part in your profile set-up as well as that will entice a potential click-to-view. If you’re into fine dining and French wines, state so. If you’re looking for a Saturday night companion, then clearly say as such. Being upfront will increase your chances for a connection.

Now to the About Me. You can either talk about your favourite movies, and what you’d like to do in your leisure time or you can also use it as a platform to express yourself freely. Should you harbour a childhood dream of climbing out Mt Everest and would like that to be in your About Me, go right ahead!



In What You Are Looking For, you should take advantage of this section to describe the type of sugar partner you are seeking. Even down to height and weight if those are considered criteria for you. Don’t be shy. That’s what sugar dating is all about – terms of relationship.

All these are great tips on getting more views on your sugar profile but the number one method would be LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION and to be set on prime viewing of sugar babies and sugar daddies, is to upgrade to a Premium Membership.

That will guarantee 70% more profile views, for sure!