Being a sugar daddy is a status of envy by many men. This is because being a sugar daddy does not happen to every Tom, Dick and Harry. One has to exhibit certain parameters of special value and dimension for him to qualify for the status, and more, if he wishes to stand out among the few who are irresistible and desirable.

Here are five requisite qualities to describe our man of the hour, the irresistible desirable sugar daddy:

The Ideal Sugar Daddy Is Loaded

This may not really be a quality but more of a qualification, in fact first level qualification, to become a sugar daddy. It is a requisite, yes. For the first role of the sugar daddy is to provide for the financial needs of his sugar baby. And to fulfill this role satisfactorily (from the point of view of her sugar baby), he has to have a solid source of financial backing.

He does not have to be a millionaire, but his financial resources have to be sufficient enough to pamper his sugar baby – cover her basic and beyond-basic material requirements – so that she in return can provide the equivalent pampering in terms of companionship for him.

He Must Be Fun

While being rich may be externally manifested – by the cars, yachts or houses he owns, or by the attires he dons – which obviously attract the sugar babies, the magnet that actually keeps the babies close to him is his ability to communicate well. He is a smart conversationalist and can hold at bay both the serious business partners at the board room and the sugar babies at the parties by his wit and wisdom.

He has a solid sense of humor and can draw people, especially the sugar babies, to listen to him when he talks. Certainly, he can use a lot of this skill to obtain the most suitable equitable arrangement when he speaks to her prospective sugar baby, and keep the best for the long run.

He Must Dress Well

With the wealth in his pocket and the wit in his words, what is lacking is a well-groomed guy, not necessarily always in suit but looking best also in other forms of attire. Of course, the sugar daddy looks good on his grey flannel suiting.

With such a guy at the concierge, it would be picture-perfect to capture an equally smartly-dressed pretty lady come up to him and cover them as they walk in such a five-star setting. For the sugar daddy aspiring for desirability and irresistibility, the key to smart dressing is quality material and make.

He Must Be a Perfect Gentleman

The word perfect here is just an aspiration but being a gentleman is a must. With security and good conversation flowing from a well-dressed guy, all a beautiful sugar baby needs is a hand that offers a seat, someone who opens the door, stays at the right side, and treats her like a respectable young lady should be.

If the arrangement includes or reaches a bed scene, he may be off his suit but his performance depicts the man that he is. He is tactful, respectful, accommodating, caring or in some cases rough and dominating.

A Sugar Daddy Not Just In Name

After all is said and done, where both sides have expressed their respective expectations and roles in their sugar arrangement, this is the part that will spell how well and how long it will go. The way to do it, for either point of view, is to forget the expectations of the other but instead focus on living up to the role for the other.

When one does everything for the other, as the role calls for, it is the key that will unlock the door to lasting harmony. For the sugar daddy, it is the key towards becoming what he aspires to be, the irresistible desirable sugar daddy.