By all traditional definitions, a sugar daddy is a man who is older than the woman he seeks out as his sugar baby. Popular opinion leads us to believe that the age gap is often rather significant, in fact. When I first entered the sugar bowl, I naturally assumed that I would be dating men anywhere from 10 to 30 years older than me. What I didn’t realise was that the rules of sugar dating are actually quite flexible.

Okay, technically there aren’t “official” rules, but you get what I’m saying.

I began to understand just how creative I could get with my arrangements when I started using online sugar dating sites. Everyone is there for an arrangement and people tend to be more upfront about their expectations online. After a couple weeks of chatting with some potential sugar daddies, I stumbled upon the most beautiful creature.

Let’s call him Devin. Picture a tall, ripped, tattooed god- my own personal Odell Beckham Jr. I was so absorbed in his photos, I didn’t notice his age until after I had already sparked up a conversation. I was 26 at the time; Devin was 2o. Here I was, infatuated with a man not old enough to have a drink with me at a bar. I didn’t know if I was allowed to have an arrangement with someone so young. Then I remembered; there are no real rules!

Our conversations were going really well, and I decided I would pursue an arrangement as long as Devin didn’t mind the reverse age spread. You may be wondering how a 20-year-old achieves sugar daddy status. That was one of my first questions, too. It crossed my mind that he might be a fake, or a catfish. After our first meeting it was pretty clear that this guy was no joke. Devin told me all about his work, but I was doing more staring than listening. Software? Internet? I admit I wasn’t paying attention. I do remember that his teeth were unbelievably white and he had the cutest little scar under his left eye. Before you go questioning my priorities, remember that there are different qualifications for a sugar daddy than a typical boyfriend. Devin treated me to fancy dinners, spa days, and even a vacation in California. In addition to gifts, I received a monthly allowance. Like I said, he was no joke.

Without divulging too many juicy details, I’ll simply say that Devin and I had a successful arrangement and it was absolutely fantastic while it lasted. One thing I discovered about having a younger sugar daddy is that it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking you’re in a “regular” relationship. Eventually, receiving my allowance became less of a joy and more of a reality check. Sometimes, I even felt old and found it difficult to keep up with his very active lifestyle. Devin was a sweetheart and he treated me with the utmost respect. Like a lot of 20-year-olds, though, he was always eager to move on to the next adventure. The last thing I wanted to do was hold Devin back, or bore him to death. When our time was up, we parted ways with no hard feelings.

Dating a sugar daddy younger than you can have its perks. You won’t turn as many heads in public, and there’s a better chance that he won’t be married. Not to mention, frequent and long-lasting bedroom romps. If you’re the adventurous type or you’re willing to try a unique arrangement, you may want to give a younger sugar daddy a chance. I would argue that this particular type of sugar daddy might be more difficult to find in person, unless you really know where to look. For that reason, I would recommend the online sugar scene for snagging one of these junior sugar daddies. It’s not the typical sugar relationship, but then again, there’s really nothing typical about sugar relationships.