In case you’re new to the sugar life, it’s a lifestyle where people with dreams, ambitions and desires meet to establish Relationships with Benefits.

Relationship with Benefits is when a sugar baby provides companionship for her sugar daddy in exchange for luxurious gifts, exotic vacations and basically anything to feed her expensive taste.

Undeniably, there are so many misconceptions regarding the sugar lifestyle. The public is so used to having the mentality that it is wrong and unreasonable for a woman to demand for what she wants and state what she can offer in a sugar relationship. Self-righteous feminists are huge fans of despising, embarrassing sugar babies for being “anti-feminists” when they don’t even know the true meaning of feminism and labelling sugar babies as whores, gold diggers and prostitutes just to make them feel better about themselves. Hypocritical men are always saying how degrading it is to date an “escort” or a “slut” but always find themselves staring at girls half their age and are secretly ashamed of their own wives.

I think it is time for us to be an accepting society and break the social stigma surrounding the sugar lifestyle. The new model of dating has arrived and instead of criticising or hating on it, we should start embracing it and here’s why.

1.  Because it’s better to get your heart broken by a billionaire.

Of course, sugar babies have the freedom to choose to be just like every other woman, the type that doesn’t need her unemployed and lazy ass boyfriend to finance her, the type that will trick herself into thinking that her unambitious boyfriend would “make it” in life one day and it’ll all be worth it, the type that is loyal, sticks with her boyfriend through thick and thin and expects him to do the same in return. But after being left with nothing but tears and heartbreak, was it even worth it?

Sugar Baby - Why you should accept the Sugar Life

Here’s the thing, it is never in your power to control someone’s loyalty. You don’t gain anything sticking with someone who is taking you for granted. Women always complain how unambitious or disrespectful their partners are but they’re always still with the same damn guy who has zero contribution in their life because society has taught us since young that it is wrong to have a voice, it is wrong to demand and it is wrong to leave when you know you deserve better.

Truth is, there’s nothing wrong for a beautiful and intelligent woman who knows how to carry herself to look for an ambitious and successful man to pay for her expenses, buy her Chanel and Louboutins or invest in her new business venture. I find it extremely attractive when a confident woman knows her worth, what she deserves not just in a relationship but also in her life.

Ask yourself, why waste your time dating someone who will get your heart broken when you can date someone and get your rents paid, purses filled, new bags and go on vacations? Screw what society thinks about sugar babies, women like us shouldn’t be shamed for protecting ourselves and doing what’s best for our future.

2. Because, like it or not, sugar babies are the modern feminists.

“Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

Feminism is all about demanding equal rights between both men and woman. Think about it, if it’s socially acceptable for men to use women’s bodies and image for their own pleasure, why are women like us shamed for using men for our own gain? Why is it attractive when men are straight forward about what they’re looking for in a woman, but when woman are upfront about their needs, expectations and established consent, they’re labelled as a high maintenance gold-digging bitches? How is that gender equality when feminists like you vowed to protect women like us, but insult us when we’re just doing the same thing as men – using what we can offer to get what we want.

Truth is, you can still be a sugar baby and a feminist at the same time. I’ve personally met so many amazing sugar sisters who didn’t just helped me at my lowest point, but also gave me the best life advice no one would ever bother to teach me. How is a sugar baby not “worthy” enough to be a feminist when all she does is empower and elevate her fellow sugar sisters and not bring them down?

In this male-dominant world, we don’t need any more women to hate and pick on other women for their life choices. We’re all empowered by different things and it’s not anyone’s place to tell a woman which one it is.

3. Because sugar babies are more than their labels.

For decades, sugar babies have been labeled as shallow whores, materialistic prostitutes, sex workers, etc. To set the record straight, prostitutes are paid outright for sex whereas sugar babies are ambitious and intelligent women who choose to invest their time in the right social circle dating older and wealthier men of their choice to support the lifestyle they believe that they deserve.

Just like a housewife who is married to a wealthy man and sleeps with him at his mansion, vacuums his house, walks his dogs and is financially supported by him, does that make her a prostitute? NO.

Sugar Baby - Why you should accept the Sugar Life

Sugar babies are NOT sex workers or prostitutes. They do not “sell” their body for money. They sell their time, companionship, wit, beauty, intelligence, conversational skills, hands-holding assets and shoulder to cry on capabilities, while retaining full ownership of their body no matter how much money is in their hands.

If you still think that sugar babies “sell their bodies”, but those underprivileged laborers and coal miners do not, your view of labor is clouded by your moralistic view of sexuality and you should be ashamed of yourself.  It’s 2020, just because it isn’t a tradition or cultural norm for women to be talking about desiring an expensive lifestyle in a relationship, doesn’t mean that it’s morally wrong to do so.

4. Because you don’t want to wake up one day and lose half your sh*t. 

What’s great about a sugar relationship is that it’s direct and straightforward. Both sugar babies and sugar daddies have the opportunity to be completely honest and transparent with each other about what they’re really looking for in a sugar relationship. Isn’t that better and somehow less expensive than marrying a woman who sweet talks you with fake commitments, empty vows and ends up taking half of your sh*t in court after she tricks you into a divorce?

We’ve all seen it in the news, from Saudi billionaires like Walid Jullafi to A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp, hundreds and millions of dollars are wasted all for one woman, one mistake, and in the end they’re left with nothing but regrets, loneliness, humiliation and in Jullafi’s case, a deathbed.

So before you point fingers at sugar babies and judge them for being transparent, be aware that the real culprits are the ones you sleep on the same bed with, the ones who vow that they’ll never leave you for the rest of their lives. And one day when all is lost, it’ll be too late for you to discover their true hidden agenda. 

The sugar life has saved many people from their miserable marriage and unnecessary commitments, it has also revolutionised the way we perceive modern dating. Once we’ve fully embraced the sugar lifestyle, the world will be a better place with more happier men, more successful women and less broken hearts. Head on and explore!