If you didn’t know this already, we are all gifted with more than one soulmate in our lifetime!

No, we’re not Oprah giving out soulmate connections. (although we really wish we could)

We’re talking about the different types of soulmates we meet (both romantic and platonic) that come and go in our life. 

Generally, it’s believed that your life will be graced by different types of soulmates in your lifetime.

Some of them stay for a long time, while some of them might leave before we want them to. 

All of them have one thing in common, though, and that is they leave a profound impact on your life one way or another through a deep, soulful connection that you can’t explain. 

Whether it’s to teach you a life lesson, to help you figure things out, or to nudge you on the right path of life, soulmates are strategically put in your life by the universe to help you grow as a person (physically, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually) and discover your true self. 

We knew you’d be curious, so here are the 5 types of soulmates you might meet in your lifetime:

Types of soulmates you will meet in your life 

1) The BFF

One of our most comfortable soulmate connections, one with whom we feel most at ease, most ourselves, is a friend. 

We all have friends from our past that have stayed along the journey of our lives, growing and overcoming major life milestones together. 

We confide in them, share a mutual respect, trust, admiration, and fondness.

What brings soul friends together is a collection of shared beliefs, attitudes, hobbies, memories, likes, and dislikes. Thus, a relationship with them is usually harmonious. 

Thankfully, our lifetime will be graced with the presence of more than one bff soulmate. Although they do come and go as life progresses, the shared connection you have with this person can’t be broken. 

These types of soulmates can be both romantic and platonic. For instance, you can be deeply connected as a friend and end up getting married because the connection is just that strong. 


2) Karmic

Karma is an ancient principle many of us are familiar with. Generally speaking, it can be summed up as “do good and good will happen to you, do bad and bad will happen to you”. 

It is the concept of cause and effect, of the interconnectedness of all things. 

Despite having its roots in Hinduism, many people all over the world today believe in Karma. Similarly, people all over the world believe in the existence of karmic soulmates.

The theory suggests that karmic soulmates enter our lives to cancel out karma from our past actions. While this could mean bad news, karmic relationships have neutral energy, meaning they can be both good and bad.

These karmic connections are designed to inspire the passion that helps us become better people, teach us life lessons, and heal previous trauma, much like karma itself. 

Like most soulmates, karmic soulmates will have an instant and powerful attraction to each other. 

However, karmic forces can trigger within a short period of time, generating either friction, clashes, and arguments or the exact opposite of never-ending harmony and pure sustained happiness.

Karma works efficiently and is often sparked when two familiar souls reunite.

Have you ever believed you’d met Mr. or Mrs Right, only to find yourselves at each other’s throats a few weeks later? Who knows, maybe you were once familiar in a previous life.

Because, karmically speaking, we fight the hardest with those we’ve known the longest. Your relationship can feel so right, yet the karma can be too intense, causing it to end badly. 

In the end, they give us a lot to think about over the years as we go over what went wrong, as we grow and learn how we can do better next time. 


3) Twin flame

It is believed that each one of our souls begins as one and is split into two bodies before we get flung into the world. 

Our soulmates in the most literal sense, twin flames are most intense, romantic and the most passionate as we are “spiritually married” to our twin flame soulmate for a lifetime. 

We only have one twin flame in this life, unlike other soulmate connections

You’ll know it when you meet them, and they have the power to transform or even shape you. 

It’s not just a feeling, as twin flames will do the most in your life to challenge you, love you, teach you, heal you, and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. 

Sadly, not all twin flames incarnate at the same time, so not everyone will meet theirs. Albeit this era is special in that many twins have incarnated and are meeting at the same moment. 


4) Teacher soulmate

Whatever life lesson the universe thinks it’s time for you to learn, it comes in the form of teacher soulmates. 

They can be disguised as anyone, from lovers, family members and close friends, to neighbours, colleagues, your landlord, or even just an acquaintance. 

The teacher soulmate comes into your life and teaches you valuable life lessons whether you’re going through a difficult period of time or just to enrich you as a person. 


5) Past life 

Have you ever met a complete stranger and felt a certain sense of familiarity or comfort with them? 

You have this nagging feeling that you’ve met before, but you can’t place your finger on the exact moment. 

Sometimes, it feels like déjà vu, like you’ve been in that moment before but it remains as just a feeling. 

That’s because your souls have met before but in a past life. 

Past life soulmates don’t stay long. Some of them are just passing by. 

While the moment you meet can be really intense, they’re just the universe’s way of showing you that you’re on its intended path of life and that all is well.


Now that you know about the different types of soulmates that can come into your life, how many soulmate connections do you think you’ve had so far?

Forget the one soulmate that popular myth has us believing. Not every soulmate is made of the feel-good ‘fall in love instantly and be together till the end’ kind. 

Instead, there are different kinds of soulmates: those who come in only to teach, those who come in to turn our lives upside down and steer us to better pastures, and those who come in for the briefest of encounters but grab our hearts as if we’ve known them for a lifetime.

We’ll meet different soulmates throughout our lives, and all of them will leave a mark one way or another. 

You’ve probably met a few of these soulmates already. 

If you haven’t, they’ll come soon enough! And you will start to notice and appreciate them as long as you open your heart. 

We’re not the universe, but maybe we could help nudge you in the right direction by finding a potential soulmate(s) on Sugarbook?