Did you know that most people would end a relationship because of a bad kiss? 

A survey conducted in 2012 showed that 59% of men and 66% of women have ended a relationship with someone who was a bad kisser.

We know that survey was done a while ago, but the numbers are still terrifying. That’s a 50% chance and above that someone would dump you if you were not a good kisser. 😱

Kissing, making out, snogging, sucking face, smooching, necking – whatever you call it, it’s an act that is incredibly pleasurable – if done right.

But not all hope is lost! We believe that you can learn how to become a good kisser. In fact, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to be a better kisser. Here we go!


20 Tips on How To Be Good at Kissing

1. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

You wouldn’t like to have dry and chapped lips on yourself let alone someone else and on their lips. Visually, it’s unappealing and let’s not even go to how it would feel to touch those lips.

So do yourself and your partner a favour and moisturise!

Always have lip balm on hand but if you don’t, sip some water and quickly moisturise your lips before leaning in.

2. Avoid Pungent Foods Before A Kiss

This goes without saying. If you know that there is a high chance to lock lips with your partner, avoid the smelly food. Some of the common perpetrators are garlic, raw onion, cabbage, broccoli and yes, even too much coffee will give you bad breath. 

3. Have Mints On Hand

You never know when a kiss could happen, so always have mints or some sort of sweets or gum on hand. If you’re out of mints, just request for a slice of lemon at the restaurant and drop it in your water. Lemon has been known to be able to neutralize bad breath.

 FYI, a good kisser always has mint with them.

4. Follow Your Partner’s Lead

When it comes to the actual act of kissing, remember that it takes two to tango. Not everyone has the same kissing style, and it might take some time to get used to each other’s rhythm.

The key is to compromise and if you notice that you have different kissing techniques, try letting your partner lead the way.

5. Or, If Need Be, Lead The Way

Depending on the situation, it can be a good idea to take over the reins and make your move. There’s something about a person who knows what they’re doing that shouts confidence and sexiness.

6. Remember There’s More To Kissing Than Just Lips

The trick on how to be a good kisser is knowing that kissing is a whole experience. It’s never just the lips but also the neck, earlobes, collar bone, cheeks and maybe throw in some lip-biting (if you want to up the intensity). 

And it’s also about taking it slow and enjoying the sensation. You can occasionally stop and look at each other and tell them how much you’re enjoying kissing them.

7. Educate Yourself About Other Erogenous Zones

The lips have over 1 million nerve endings but they’re not the only body parts that are sensitive. Earlobes and neck which I mentioned in the previous point are erogenous zones that should also get its due attention. 

You can also spend some time nibbling and slow kissing the shoulders and fingers – guarantee to send shivers (the good kind) down the spine!

8. Keep your hands on the good spots

The line between a good kiss and a bad kiss is very thin. I don’t write that to scare you, I mean that’s why this article exists. We genuinely want to help you become a better kisser.

Hand placements can be quite tricky especially when it’s your first few kisses. If you do it wrong, you may come across as being too pushy and make your partner uncomfortable instead.

So where are the good spots? Other than hands in their hair or holding their face, you can wrap your hands around their body and that would give you that close contact with their body. You can also put your hands on their hips and waist but not any lower than that!

Of course, once you get to know each other better, all bets are off. 

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Honest

Here’s another kissing tip for you. Sometimes the kiss might not be going well and when that happens, it’s important to be honest and let your partner know. 

It can be awkward to talk about it but if you value your connection to your partner, you shouldn’t be afraid to bring it up and you could always try again after hearing each other out.

10. Have The Tongue Versus Lips Chat

There are many types of kisses out there and some might prefer lippy kisses while some prefer more action using the tongue. 

FYI, keep your tongue in check. Kissing is not about how far your tongue can go down another person’s throat. You’re trying to make them feel good, not perform a tonsillectomy. 

11. Give Positive Feedback To Each Other

A good kisser is also a good communicator. Nothing makes a person feel better like telling them that you enjoyed the kiss. 

You can also add in the things they did that hit the right spot and gently point out other things that they can do that you would also really enjoy. 

12. Kiss With Your Whole Body

A hot and passionate kiss is when you put your whole being into it. Use your body (and we don’t mean the bulge in your pants) to show how much you’re enjoying yourself.

Get your hands in their hair, hold their face, press up against them, carry them up and when you hear them moaning and breathing heavy, you are doing it right.

13. Mix it up

A good kiss doesn’t have to be intense at all times. It’s always nice to mix things up and surprise your partner.

You can make it fun and light-hearted instead and this could help lessen the awkwardness between the two of you. Sharing a good laugh is also a brilliant way to build intimacy with each other.

14. Don’t See It As A Necessary Step To Sex

Yes, kissing is usually the prelude to the horizontal tango, but it can and should be a stand-alone act too. 

Kissing is incredibly satisfying and pleasurable. It’s a really good way to get to know your partner better in the way they move and learn what turns them on.

15. Be In The Moment

A great tip to be a better kisser is to be in the moment of that kiss. Let your focus and attention be entirely on your partner.

Make sure there are no distractions around and no other thoughts in your head except for the person in front of you.

16. Don’t Compare Your Partner’s Kissing Techniques To Past Partners’

Now, now, we know some of you may have been in the game for a long time. You’ve had your share of lip locking regardless of whether they were good or bad.

This rule doesn’t just apply to kissing but also to any relationships, it’s never a good idea to compare your current lover to your past. 

17. Spend Time With Your Partner

According to sex coach Trevor Jones of Pleasure Evolution, a good indicator of whether your kiss would be welcomed is when it is desired. And you will know this when you spend enough time with your partner. 

When you spend time with them, you will naturally build that attraction and desire towards each other. There is no shortcut if you want to be a good kisser.

18. Don’t Be Afraid To Be The Initiator

We know it’s scary to make the first move especially at the beginning of the relationship where the both of you are still trying to find your place.

So here are some signs to look out for when you’re wondering whether to go for it. Look out for close proximity like when your partner leans towards you or sit closer to you. They could also be touching you more on your shoulder and on your thighs. 

These are pretty clear signals that they are open to being more physically intimate with you.


19. Have Regular Make-out Sessions 

Well, like they say, practice makes perfect. It’s a great excuse and a good way to become a better kisser towards your partner.

However, with the pandemic still going on, it might be difficult to meet up with your partner. With that in mind, here are some ways to protect yourself when you do get to meet.

20. Give A Bad Kisser A Second Chance

A bad kiss is not the end of the world. Not everyone knows how to be a good kisser and they shouldn’t be penalized for it.

After all, it’s a skill that can be learned. And what’s more fun than learning how to become better kissers together? 

Kissing can be overwhelming but don’t let it overcome you. We hope these kissing tips will help make you feel more confident when you’re with your partner.

We are in total support of good kissing and we want you in on the action. Head over to Sugarbook to find someone to put these great tips to use!