So you’ve hit it off with your new date. She’s gorgeous, well mannered and most importantly, knows how to hold a stimulating conversation. You’re thanking your lucky stars you reached out to her on Sugarbook. But how do you tell if she’s ready to have sex with you?

You can’t ask outright but you can make smart observations. Women will flirt and give you some obvious and not so obvious sex signals that you might miss if you can’t read between the lines. Ahead we uncover the 12 female sex signals to look for, but as always, remember actual verbal consent matters the most before you sign the deal!

1. She Dances With You

There’s a saying that the chemistry between two people on the dance floor will predict how they will get along between the sheets. Dancing is the ultimate sexual body language between a man and a woman and a type of foreplay both genders use to flirt with each other

So if she is comfortable enough to have physical proximity and intimacy with you on the dance floor, there’s a chance she may be looking to make it horizontal later on.

Look out for if she tries to keep enough distance between you or if she tries her best to bridge that distance and cuddles up as close as possible to you. If she’s bolder, she’ll probably grind or twerk against you. 

2. She Touches You – A Lot

Have you noticed how females can’t resist accidentally touching cute babies and kittens? Well, the same principle applies to guys she likes. If she wants to sleep with you, a woman will go out of her way to “accidentally” touch you – a lot. 

A brush of fingers, knocking knees under the table, a brief bump against your body in a crowded place – if any of these incidents happen, you know she’s showing her interest in you in a subtle way without appearing too forward. 

Of course if she starts touching you in intimate places that is a red hot signal that she definitely wants to have sex with you.


3. She Is Receptive to Your Touch

Start small and work your way up and always read her body language to check if she’s comfortable with your advances. If she hasn’t snapped at you or pushed you away then she is sending you a signal that she likes your small touches here and there. 

It doesn’t have to be sexual, just touching her arm, her waist, the small of her back. A woman who is interested to sleep with you will welcome your touch and signal that she’s ready for more than just touching.


4. Licking Lips

You and your cute Sugarbook date may have just shared dessert together, but if she’s still licking her lips long after the meal is over, it looks like your sugar baby wants you to focus on her lips. 

Or it’s a clear sexual signal that she’s prepping her lips because she wants to kiss you and do so much more after dinner.


5. Seductive Smiling

If the lip-licking wasn’t obvious enough, then the seductive smile has to be one of the most obvious body language sex signals a female can send a male. You’ll notice the seductive smile is completely different from her regular smile and even the most oblivious man will be able to decipher this female sex signal.


6. Passionate Kissing

Maybe you’ve been on a few dates already and you know she likes you. But how do you tell if she is also sexually attracted to you? 

If you’ve reached the kissing stage, the way she kisses you can tell you a lot about her feelings for you. If her kiss is passionate and involves some tongue action, that’s a sex signal that she’s ready for something more than French kissing.


7. She Talks About Sex

Your date may bring up the topic of sex in casual conversation. This is her way of testing the water and also finding out what you’re into. This is one of the most obvious sex signals a female can give out – because nobody brings up a topic unless they have some interest in it. 

If she sexts you or tells you her favorite sex positions, you know she is sending out strong signals that she wants to have sex with you. This is something she wouldn’t bother doing if she was not interested in sleeping with you.


8. Caressing Objects Nearby

Say you’re on a dinner date with your hot new sugar baby and there’s objects on the table between you two. If she moves the objects away, it shows she really wants to be closer to you and wants to remove whatever physical distractions exist between the two of you. 

If she starts caressing the saltshaker or the stem of her wine glass, it’s a form of object transference – showing you her desire to caress you is strong but she’s not ready to touch you directly, yet. Your date is definitely ready to accelerate and take things to the next level.


9. Prolonged Eye Contact

Even if a female is good at hiding her sexual attraction to you, her eyes might be saying something else. Whether you’re having dinner or a casual conversation, if a woman is sexually interested in you, she will maintain eye contact with you the whole time. 

But this won’t be just any eye contact, you will feel her undressing you with her eyes and you’ll definitely feel the sexual tension whenever your eyes meet.


10. She Wears Sexy, Figure Hugging Outfits

This is a female’s sex signal of showing off her figure, that she’s slim, healthy and ready to seduce you with her curves. Be sure to compliment her! Bonus points if her outfit is red in colour as red ornamentation is used as a sexual signal to attract male conspecifics.


11. She Uses A Husky Tone Around You

Is her voice high pitched when she’s talking to you? Well too bad, she’s friend-zoned you! But if her voice constantly drops a few notches and takes on a sensuous tone whenever she’s around you, it’s a positive sex signal that she is trying to sound sexy to seduce you into desiring her. 

A seductive voice is a woman’s best weapon to get a man in the mood for sex so pay attention to her tone of voice!


12. She Invites You to Her Place

Netflix and chill? If you find yourself at her place, she’s definitely ready to chill with you! 

It’s clear that she has some level of trust in you and that she’s ready to sleep with you if she invites you over to her place – nonetheless, wait for her to make the first move as it is her place. 

An obvious signal that she’s ready is if she invites you to upstairs or directly to her bedroom – then you’ve got the green light for some sexy time. 


If your date is showing a combination of any of the sex signals discussed above, then it’s pretty clear she wants to have sex with you. However, if you want to skip the mixed signals and confusion of the traditional dating scene, you can always look to the smoking hot babes of Sugarbook to take care of you.

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