Fact: orgasms are amazing. Dubbed “a little death” in French, the feeling of pure ecstasy during an orgasm can actually be compared to seeing a glimpse of heaven. 

One of life’s little pleasures, an orgasm is the single most important thing that everyone should be having. Not only is it toe-curlingly satisfying but it also improves health and even makes you live longer; what’s not to like?! 

We know we’ve been part of the program for a long time now— but the question is: are you? 

What Is An Orgasm?

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If you found yourself wondering what is this magical orgasm that everyone keeps talking about, you might want to read on. Scientifically speaking, there is no proper definition of it. This is because of how different each individual experiences it; crazy, huh? Well, it’s about to get even crazier!

To put it in simple terms, an orgasm is what happens when you stimulate your genitals to the point of reaching climax. The ‘good feeling’ that comes when you touch yourself— oh yeah, it’s about to get a whole lot better. 


Different Types of Orgasms in Men and Women

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Alright, it’s time to get your pen and paper out because we’ve got quite the list for you. As surprising as it may sound, there is more than just one type of orgasm for both sexes. 

While the media may have conditioned you into thinking that there was only one ‘usual’ way of achieving climax, we’re here to make sure you know of all the options that are readily available for you.


Types of Male Orgasms

  • Ejaculatory or ‘Regular’ Orgasm

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Can’t go wrong with the classic. Many euphemisms have been birthed from this type of orgasm: beating your meat, shucking the corn, shaking hands with the milkman… And they all meet the same sticky end— pun intended. 

With this type of male orgasm, you typically climax by cupping your penis with your hand, jacking it backwards and forwards until you release semen upon ejaculation. 

  • Wet Dream Orgasm

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Every school boy’s fantasy was whispered to each other like urban legends: the wet dream was supposedly a sign of entering puberty. Erotic dreams are no surprise as our subconscious mind is a powerful thing: imagine all the untapped energy in there! 

Often for this orgasm, you wake up dizzy from the after-effects of a wonderful dream… but with a less pleasant sensation greeting you in your pants. 

  • Pelvic Orgasm (Edging)

This one’s for you masochists: ever wanted to deny yourself one of life’s greatest pleasures over and over and over again… until they all build up and come crashing down on you all at once? 

Sheesh, wipe that drool from your mouth and we’ll tell you how. The pelvic orgasm, or more commonly known as edging, is induced when you clench your pelvic muscles whenever you feel yourself approaching your climax. 

The key is in knowing when to stop: which requires a whole lot more self-preservation than you think. We’d recommend trying it with a partner for the best effects. 

  • Prostate Orgasm

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The most important type of orgasm of them all: the prostate, AKA the male G-spot! There is nothing sexier than a man who is comfortable with his sexuality and is definitely comfortable enough to let his woman peg him.

Even without going that far, you can discover the wonders of your own prostate by yourself. Just remember: no such thing as too much lube! 


Types of Female Orgasms 

There’s a reason why this list is so long, ladies. The female aftershock is a sensation that you should be no stranger to. Long debunked as a myth by lazy men: be prepared to learn all about what an immense blessing it is to be born female and to find out what are some of nature’s gifts to us. 

  • Clitoral Orgasm

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The easiest way of achieving an orgasm if you’re female would be through stimulating your clitoris. This magical little bean-like thing is the only organ in the human body that was created for the sole purpose of providing pleasure. 

With more than a billion nerves connected to it, the clitoris is very sensitive— which makes it perfect for reaching an orgasm. 

  • Vaginal Orgasm

Source: Medical News Today

A concept that is perhaps more familiar to most, the vaginal orgasm is a more common form of female orgasm. Stimulated typically through penetration (fingers, toys, or even a penis), the constant motion rubbing against the G-spot is what triggers the orgasm. 

  • Ejaculation Orgasm (Squirting)

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Oh, you read that right: females can indeed ejaculate during orgasm. Albeit a rare occurrence (unless you’re one helluva lover in the sheets!), when performed correctly, ejaculation can take place. 

Commonly known as squirting, this female orgasm releases a clear liquid (not to be confused with urine) that ‘squirts’ out in a similar fashion. 

  • Exercise-Induced Orgasm (Coregasm)

You’ll never curse a gym day again. Female orgasms take many forms, sometimes even in non-sexual activity. 

Due to the nature of how some core exercises work certain muscles, you could potentially experience a growing feeling expanding after working at it for a while. Our advice? Embrace it and let it wash all over you. You worked for this! 

  • Sleep Induced Orgasm 

While not having a name as catchy as ‘wet dream’, females do experience a sleep-induced orgasm. 

Often through extremely vivid dreams, the sensations felt during the dream are often registered in the brain as happening in real life (similar to the feeling of falling in a dream) and therefore having a physical reaction! 

Pretty cool, huh? Dream big: it’s time to get it on with your fave celebrity A-lister. 

  • Multiple Orgasms 

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Last but certainly not least, the most wonderful gift to womankind: the experience of multiple orgasms. 

This can mean having one orgasm after the other (having a clitoral orgasm before proceeding with a vaginal orgasm) but sometimes it means all of them happening simultaneously. 

Oh yes, ladies, our bodies and minds are capable of that: the question is, are you? If you felt slightly overwhelmed and intimidated by that, you should be. 

The experience of multiple orgasms can be a rather powerful one, so do make sure you’re prepared for the mind-blowing session your body is about to receive. 

However, if you’ve been in the game for a while now, we’d suggest upping your dose by edging yourself into multiple orgasms. Sheesh, talk about the intensity! You might not be able to move after that one… so don’t say we didn’t warn ya. 


How To Achieve An Orgasm 

Source: Masturbation: The positive and negative effects on the brain (medicalnewstoday.com)

Much like everything else in life, people have different capabilities. For most, it’s often easy to achieve an orgasm. For some, it’s a little too easy and they struggle with that. The latter, however, fails to achieve any sort of climax at all. 

While this can feel very demotivating and upsetting, we’re here to assure you that there’s no race to the finish line. The process of knowing one’s body is a personal one, which means it comes with different deadlines for each person. 

That being said, we do have some tips that may help with your self-exploration on how to achieve an orgasm.  

  • Masturbate 

Everyone does it— and for good reason too. A stress reliever and brilliant way of figuring out what exactly you like, masturbation is vital in the journey of orgasm discovery. 

Are you someone who prefers a classic orgasm? Or perhaps does the idea of being fingered appeal to you more? What about sucking on your own fingers or teasing your nipples?

Once you test out all the possible hypotheses only can you— ahem— cum to a conclusion. 

  • Use Sex Toys

Everyone needs a little sex wizard to help them sometimes, and who’s to say no to that? Our favourite kind comes in waterproof packaging, ribbed to our comfort, and are always fully charged for hour-long usage. 

Having any sex toys (vibrators, dildos, Fleshlights, cock-rings, butt plugs) in itself gives you room to explore what you like without the pressure of performing for someone else. 

Also if we’re being honest, it just gets the job done better. You can only use your fingers so many times before you get bored of your reach or the speed it can go at. Sex toys are an almost sure-fire way of how to achieve an orgasm!  

  • Ask A Partner For Help 

Sometimes, two is better than one. If you need help achieving an orgasm (or three), perhaps recruiting someone else who would be familiar with your body could help. 

Besides, there’s nothing hotter than having someone surrendering themselves to you sexually and letting you take the wheel. 

While this may seem like an exciting venture, don’t get too carried away, cowboy! Be sure to focus on the receiver of pleasure and making sure that their goal of achieving orgasm is fulfilled. 

And with that, you are now fully equipped to experience all sorts of orgasms. We at Sugarbook hope that you will come… to the login page and make sure you sign in whenever you check any of our articles! We just can’t get enough of you. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, love birds.