Hey sugar, are you wondering where to go on a sugar date next with your sugar daddy or mummy? Don’t worry, sugar! There are many options for you to choose from in New York City! Whether you are new to the city and wish to join the New York sugar bowl community or only temporarily living in this area, this article will help you decide where to have your sugar dates so you’ll never run out of ideas! 


Sugar Dating scene in New York

New York City is no stranger to the Sugar Bowl community. Just like every other city, there are certain common neighborhoods where you can seek sugar relationships such as Woodside, Forest Hills and Glendale. In fact, when you search for potential sugar partners on Sugarbook, you’ll find plenty of choices in New York.

Since New York is considered on the higher end, there are plenty of restaurants to have a fun-tastic good time. Here are some of the best sugar dating restaurants to have your next sugar date! 


Top 10 Best Restaurants/Bars for Sugar Dating


  1. Cote

Instead of the usual cuisine, why not take your sugar dates up a notch by going for a Michelin-starred Korean restaurant instead? Cote is a Korean steakhouse that offers mouthwatering Kobe beef cuts – each piece of meat literally melts in your mouth! 

The sleek and modern interior design makes customers feel like being in a fine-dining Korean restaurant. One thing’s for sure – your sugar partner isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy! 


  1. Casa Enrique

If your sugar daddy or mummy wishes to take you out on a 5-star sugar date, consider Casa Enrique, an authentic Mexican restaurant offering appetizing food. You and your sugar partner get to enjoy various Mexican foods at an affordable price! 

Add on a couple of delicious cocktails along with your meals to make it a date to remember. Once you two had your tummies filled to the brim, you can go for another treat after 😉


  1. Sushi Amane

For a private sugar date experience, head on over to Sushi AMANE where you can enjoy omakase sushi! Each sushi is sliced to perfection by the chef, and would make sure the fish is fresh before serving to the customers. 


  1. Caviar Russe

Fancy some caviar with champagne, sugar? Once you get a taste of the caviar from Caviar Russe, you and your boo will never be the same again! The caviar in this restaurant is unlike any other and is far from being mediocre. 

Instead of just trying one type of caviar, splurge on many different types to find out your favorites. Don’t forget to try out the other dishes, especially the seafood (think scallops or bluefin tuna!). 


  1. The Clocktower

Plan on having a sugar date where you two can enjoy the best of both worlds – British and American dishes? The Clocktower is where you can revel in various delectables and eat to your heart’s content (other than stealing each other’s hearts, of course)! Some of the ones worth splurging on would be the beef wellington, shepherd’s pie, and tandoori chicken. 


  1. Casa Mono

Prefer to have an intimate conversation with your boo? Casa Mono gives off a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to talk each other’s ear off while getting to know each other on a deeper level. The tapas are to die for! Sometimes a casual, intimate date could deepen the bond with your sugar while savoring the good food! 


  1. Blue Ribbon Sushi

Remember your first sugar date and how amazing it was? Yup – similarly, the sushi at Blue Ribbon will impress you to the core – you’ll be blown away by the freshness of every cut! Though the space is small, you won’t feel uncomfortable at all! Another plus point? You’ll have a quality meal without needing to break the bank! 


  1. Sushi Nakazawa

Offering one of the best beef wagyu around, Sushi Nakazawa is the perfect spot for your next sugar date for quality food and a splendid ambiance. The sushi is incredibly fresh and offers an ideal balance of flavors! You and your sugar boo are given a choice to choose between regular omakase or super omakase (only available for dinner). 


  1. Le Coucou

Say ‘je t’aime’ to your sugar as you savor the flavourful French cuisine by Le Coucou. The ambiance is ideal for a romantic sugar date, thanks to the moody atmosphere. Each dish is crafted to perfection with exceptional flavor and ingredients. If you two fancy the real sugar, don’t miss out on their desserts! 


  1. L’Appart

Another romantic restaurant for sugar dates would be none other than the L’Appart. Be amazed by the exquisite presentation of the food while indulging in the flavorful dishes. Every few weeks, they keep it exciting by changing the menu and come up with creative recipes and food presentations. If you two are wine-drinkers, be sure to try out the tasting menu with wine pairing! 


Honorable Mentions

While the list above is considered the top recommendation for sugar dating, there are several restaurants that offer some of the best experiences as well! 


Gramercy Tavern

Most customers could agree on how Gramercy Tavern offers an incredible experience. For a more casual fine dining sugar date, book a reservation at the ‘Dining Room’ where you two can enjoy a 5-course seasonal tasting menu. 

It is, after all, a Michelin-starred restaurant, so you can expect the best service in every aspect.


The Modern

Some say The Modern deserves two Michelin stars instead of one – yes, it’s THAT good! From the service and environment to food quality – The Modern meets satisfactory levels and leaves customers coming back for more! 


Death & Company

A dark, moody atmosphere with candles lit on every table – need we say more? Other than the cozy environment, Death & Company also offers one of the best cocktails around! In fact, you might be surprised by the extensive menu. 

If you wish to have an intimate sugar date while sippin’ on some unique cocktails, give this place a go. 



You’ll never run out of restaurants when you’re planning your next sugar date, thanks to this list! Heck, it’s safe to say that you’ll never have a bad sugar date experience when you go to any of these restaurants. While your sugar partner makes you happy, the delicious food will make your stomach happy too! Happy sugaring!