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Dear All,

I get a lot of emails from Sugar Daddies saying that they are hesitant to put a full frontal photo on their profiles. It’s understandable as they may be from the affluent and distinguished members of society where privacy is of utmost importance.

The only solution to this is to join our Diamond Members Club. The setback is that it may take awhile before we introduce the elite status.

As for now, if privacy is a concern – I suggest that you upload a profile photo of yourself that is censored/blurred across the eyes.

Sugar Babies wouldn’t want to chat with a faceless profile, so put a photo of yourself.

Ps: studies have shown that a profile with a photo is 7 times more likely for someone to initiate a conversation. 

Darren C.
CEO & Founder

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    nice! 🙂
    whats the difference between this and SA ?

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    when can i buy the party tickets?

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    The few rules to being a sb is to stop being scammy, there is much too many scammy sb here. Some even asking to send money first .

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      I sent flight money to sb first. She did not turn up so I reported her to admin. The admins have been helpful to ban her account. TQ

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    If the sugarbook is not a prostitution site , then why the girls are mostly scantily clad or shows off their sexy body. I think its better to ban those that show too much..

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      We can dress however we want, how we want it and as sexy as any of us can as long as we’re confident and happy with our own bodies.
      I find it amusing that some people fail to understand that sugar babies are not prostitutes. Scantily clad does not necessarily mean prostitution.

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    Feels like there is a lot of girls here in sugarbook.
    Does sugarbook employ girls to entice men into this website?
    Doesn’t that constitute perjury?

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    Admin please I need sugar mummy or girl ,

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