At Sugarbook, we believe in the power of negotiating your sugar daddy arrangement honestly and openly. You’re probably here to seek companionship, financial support, mentorship or a mix of everything. However, not everyone knows how to get what they want in an honest relationship.

Whether you’re a sugar daddy, sugar mommy or sugar baby, you only need to follow these simple steps to get started.  Stop thinking within the confines of traditional dating, and read this with an open mind.

#1 – Honest, Transparent Relationships

The first thing to do is to stop faking it. 

People sign-up at Sugarbook because they are tired of the endless swiping. They are tired of playing games. If you think sugar dating is about cheesy pickup lines, misleading others, or being someone you’re not in order to impress, stop now.

We believe in honest & transparent relationships, where both parties state what they want. What do you want? 

Chances are, you’ve never really put it into words.

On a piece of paper, write, “Here’s what I want” and list down everything you can think of. You can also state what you do not want if you feel strongly about it. Examples:

  • I want a partner to hang out with on weekends and watch Netflix
  • I want successful businessmen who are not too demanding of my time
  • I do not want people who smoke or are doing drugs
  • I do not want men who are married or with kids

There’s no right or wrong. These are just the things YOU want and will be the basis of your arrangement going forward.

#2 – State Your Ideal Sugar Daddy Arrangement

We have provided sections in the profile page where you can clearly state who you are (in About Me) and what exactly are you seeking (in What I’m Looking For). Most people will read these two sections, and decide if they should start a chat with you.

Remember, you don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not. Are you overweight, transgender, gay, married, divorced, with kids, OCD, or bad at small talk?

Just say it. People either want you for who you are, or they don’t. We have over 300,000 members from all over the world. It’s better to seek the ones who want you for what you are then to mislead them.

#3 – Be Direct But Respectful in Your Chats

Firstly, you need to be very comfortable with yourself. Be clear and direct. If you are not keen on sex right off the bat but could consider the notion, maybe after meeting to see whether there’s any chemistry, then say so. If you’re not keen on sex at all, be clear and firm about it. Remember not to allow them to sway you. Consent is key.

Tuck the ego away, and keep the discussion results-oriented. Be considerate and flexible. Here’s a guide on how to approach your potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, and seal the deal quickly.

Always show respect and understanding of the other party. We are in no rush here. It is better to find a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy who can agree to the terms you provided rather than get into any heated arguments later.

Most importantly, keep the conversation going online before providing private contact information. Until you reach an agreement about your Sugar Daddy arrangement, maintain contact through the messaging system. That keeps you a safe distance until you both get to know each other better.

Of course, you may want to meet the person before you start talking terms to check for chemistry. You can make this choice based on your own judgment.

Upgrade to a Premium account to enjoy unlimited messages, and you can also see who viewed and liked your profile, which narrows your chances of landing a successful Sugar Daddy arrangement.