So, you’ve been teetering on the idea of becoming a sugar daddy – and you’ve finally decided to give it a try. Funny enough, like any other relationship, they all start out with a first date. So, naturally, you’ve found a girl you’re interested in and you want to impress her with an unforgettable first date – this is every guy’s wish. And let’s be honest, first dates, no matter the age, can be tough. But don’t worry, we have you covered. Here’s how to have a great first date with your sugar baby.

First thing’s first – GET TO KNOW HER!

Spend a little time communicating with your sugar baby on the phone, online or via text before meeting her to see what kind of girl she is. This doesn’t mean you start to talk about your ex-girlfriend or the other girls you’ve dated. Keep a little mystery. If those type of topics naturally come up, then freely answer them, but don’t bring up them unless she asks. Before meeting, try your best to find everything out about them when you call them to arrange the first date, basically, your goal is to build some rapport and find out some basic information about her so that you can plan your first date. By talking to her before the date, you’ll be able to find out some of her interests, that way you’ll be able to mentally prepare for some topics in case there’s a moment of silence.

Don’t just do something you want to do – PRE PLAN

So you’ve found out she really likes doing outdoorsy activities, however, instead you take her to see a Russian ballet. It’s probably a great ballet but that’s not the point. This is the first date! Sure, you’re a sugar daddy, but if she doesn’t have a good time, she won’t stick around –  you can’t blame her. If you listened to her tell you what she likes to do or you read it on her profile, try planning a date around one of her hobbies or things she’d like to do. If she’s into outdoor activities, you can prepare a picnic and take her to the beach or go to a festival – what about Cirque du Soleil? Because it is a first date, some women are a little nervous to go into a secluded area, you can’t blame them, they don’t know you. I know you may think that taking her to your home for a private dinner is a good idea, but perhaps take her somewhere where she’ll be comfortable – so that means keeping it public. Also, if the conversation goes quiet, it’s much easier to take the silence when there’s something to entertain you as opposed to sitting on your couch staring at your wine glass – now that’s awkward.

Let the night flow

The first date is usually about getting to know someone, right? Right. So, get to know her. Don’t drool over her like she’s some piece of meat. Be relaxed, be calm, and go wherever the night takes you two. If you have a specific goal in mind, you might sabotage the night. Don’t be that guy. Also, another important note: if you want your date to flow well, don’t talk about religion or politics on the first date. I mean, you can, if the topic organically comes up but I recommend avoiding these topics. If it’s really important to you what her political views are – then ask, but do it in a relaxed and non-aggressive way and just listen.

Be straight and upfront

Listen, at the end of the date, if you had more of a connection with the steak you had for dinner, then just say it. In Sugar relationships, it’s all about being up front and honest, that’s why so many people love them. Did you have a good time? Would you do it again? Don’t waste your time and don’t waste hers. You became a sugar daddy because you didn’t want to play games, so don’t start any. Be honest and everyone will be happy.

First dates are gruelling for everyone. But if you listen, use a little creativity and relax, your date’s gonna run smoothly.