It’s been a couple of months in the works but it’s finally here! We’re beyond excited for you to try Sugarbook™ Lite, our biggest step yet to addressing the needs of our iPhone users. 

What’s Sugarbook™ Lite exactly?
Sugarbook™ Lite is the equivalent to an iPhone app, but not really. It’s web-based and it doesn’t take up as much storage space. Here we’re all about efficiency and effectiveness, but you already knew that ?

Could’ve just created an iPhone app right?
Trust us honey, we did. Apple just wasn’t having it. But we’re not giving up, we’re still working hard to resolve the issue!

What are the features Sugarbook™ Lite has?
It’s got everything minus the push notifications. But hey, no biggie! If anything, your sugar life is all the more private.

So how do I get Sugarbook™ Lite?
Sugarbook™ Lite is built by the bomb-ass developers here at Sugarbook, so it’s not available on the App Store. Download now only at!  

See you on the sweet side, sugar! For help or enquiries, don’t hesitate to send us a message at [email protected].