Being wined and dined can be one of the most pleasurable and intimate aspects of a Sugar relationship. But, Sugar Babies beware! Oversized restaurant portions and decadent deserts can add up quickly and leave you with more than just memories. If you have a Sugar Daddy that likes to take you out, you have to learn to navigate menus and get creative to keep your waistline in check.  Here are some tips to help you enjoy dinner with your Daddy without over indulging.


Studies have shown that we have a limited amount of self-control each day and it is bound to be waning by the time you meet your Sugar Daddy for dinner. Combat impulse by making planning ahead. Get in a workout before your date and make sure not to overindulge during the day.  Once you have laid the groundwork, go into dinner with diet on the brain. Decide to eat healthy and do it. Do not be swayed by your Daddy’s order. Make up your mind and try to order first!


When staring at a menu chock full of pastas and cheese – think paleo! The paleo diet is based on the hunter and gatherer lifestyle of early humans. It consists of lean meat, veggies, and fruit either raw or cooked in natural butters and oils. This diet is incredibly stringent and is definitely not for everyone but it is a fabulous target to aim for when cutting back calories. The basic concept, like most dietary programs, is to avoid processed foods and oils which cause weight gain. So, bearing this in mind say no to entrees that are based around pastas and grains, have heavy sauces, or those with cheesy toppings. Aim for paleo friendly dishes with lots of veggies, fresh fruit and appropriately portioned protein.


  • Fish is lighter than red meats
  • Sauce is best without the cream and cheese
  • Salad topped with a decadent protein is an easy go to but beware dressings, the Trojan Horses of calories 
  • Brown rice is the go to grain for healthy Sugar Babies
  • Fried is almost always a bad idea
  • If you have not worked out that day skip the desert


Another way to keep it light is to ask your sweetie if they would like to share! Eating small plates or tapas style allows you to taste all of the things you are interested in while never eating a full portion of the unhealthy, calorie packed plates. Sharing is great because it allows a little indulgence while sparking conversation with your Sugar Daddy as you both take a sensual food tour together.


The sugar life is supposed to be sweet but sweet drinks late at night are a recipe for extra pounds and a difficult morning. So skip the beer and mixers and instead opt for wine or liquor.  Drinking a low calorie, top shelf liquor with water, lemon and lime is a great way to beat the hangover and the calories. Wine is also a great option and a way to flex your wine knowledge or pick up some from your sugar daddy. Like sharing plates, sharing a bottle of wine can be a great way to get to know each other but be sure to watch your teeth if you are a sugar baby who prefers cabernet to chardonnay. 


It’s often hard to hold back when your food arrives but trust me there is nothing worse than inhaling your meal.  Aside from the health aspect, greedily devouring your entire plate in a matter of minutes is sure to offend your Daddy’s refined dinner manners. It also takes your mind around 15 to 20 minutes to recognize that you are full. Thus, people who rush through their meals tend to over eat. Slowing down to really taste your food will give you more time to enjoy, digest, and talk to your Daddy. Think: breath, taste, listen, respond, repeat.


Dieting is not a trend or a way to eat when you are out with your Daddy, it is a way of eating every day. Every day you should strive to make healthy choices to feel your best and to ensure that you do not inadvertently end up speaking whale. That being said, you should also treat yourself occasionally. The best part of a sugar relationship is getting to experience a different plane of life and culture. Food is a huge part of that culture that you should enjoy. Be healthy but taste the food your daddy wants to feed you and allot of room for little indulgences. After all, a life without chocolate is not worth living.