“Oh, you’re a sugar daddy? Sugar dating must be a stroll in the park for you.”

After all, if you have a deep enough pocket, that’s really all you need to qualify as a sugar daddy.

Well, that’s not true at all! It takes a lot more to be a sugar daddy than merely paying the bills. Just like most relationships, sugar dating takes some navigating and sometimes we might make a wrong turn.

There are also mistakes that a sugar daddy can make that would jeopardise a sugar connection. Most importantly, some mistakes could be detrimental to the sugar daddies.

In light of that, we would like to share some insights on what these common mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making & Tips to Avoid:

1) Taking your sugar baby for granted

Sugar babies generally seek a sugar daddy who will provide for their material and financial needs. On top of that, some of them hope to get opportunities for mentorship and the general life advice you could give. In exchange, they give sugar daddies their company and affection. 

You can’t expect your sugar baby to just put up with you if you don’t keep your part of the agreement.

You will be required to take her out on occasion, buy her pretty things, and generally play the part of a kind and attentive boyfriend. If they ask you for advice on their career or life goals, you should also try to help them out.

Solution: You risk losing your sugar baby if you continue to take her for granted, no matter how wealthy you are.


2) Taking advantage of your sugar baby

Your sugar baby isn’t your maid, secretary, errand girl, or caregiver. 

You shouldn’t anticipate or ask her to do anything other than be your companion or girlfriend unless you have discussed this in your agreement.

Some sugar daddies have been known to keep more than one sugar baby, with “old standbys” frequently being replaced by the latest “flavour of the month.” 

Solution: Mutual respect should be the foundation of every sugar dating relationship. Treating your sugar baby like a doormat or an emotional punching bag isn’t the most respectful way to treat her!


3) Expecting your sugar baby to conform to your expectations

Expecting your sugar baby to live up to your ideas of what a girlfriend, wife, or lover should be is one of the worst things you can do. 

When you demand that your sugar baby talk, dress, or act a certain way, you’re sending the message that you don’t care about who she is as a person.

When you think about it, this is a bit demeaning, and no sugar baby worth her sugar would put up with it for very long. 

Solution: If you don’t like something about your sugar baby’s disposition, talk to her about it calmly and fairly or maybe… end the relationship and find another sugar baby who is more suitable for you. 

But don’t put her in the position of having to meet your excessive expectations.


4) Trying to be something–or someone–you’re not

Similarly, you should not pretend to be someone you are not. 

Obviously, you shouldn’t try to pass yourself off as an oil magnate if you’re having trouble making your monthly mortgage payments. 

And if you’re the type that prefers spending a peaceful time at home over partying or exploring the great outdoors, you shouldn’t try to come off as a club-going, fast-living adrenaline-junkie uncle.

A sugar daddy might try to use these tactics to appear wealthier or younger than they are but it will most likely backfire when the truth comes out.

Solution: Just be yourself and be content with it. If a sugar baby won’t accept that, she’s probably not the one for you.


5) Having an unrealistic picture of the relationship

A sugar dating relationship is built on the assumption that you would meet your sugar baby’s needs be it financial, mentorship or through your vast experience in life. In exchange, you will get the companionship of your sugar baby.

However, you can’t – and shouldn’t – expect her to be emotionally involved in you like a “real couple” would. 

Solution: If the feeling is mutual, consider it a plus if she falls in love with you at some time throughout your relationship. But to presume that she would fall in love with you is a recipe for disappointment.


6) Letting your emotions get the better of you

Never let your emotions take over your common sense. Remember that your relationship is based on a beneficial agreement between two consenting individuals. 

Solution: You might want to evaluate the nature of your relationship if you begin to have expectations about how she should return your love or if you begin to entertain thoughts of settling down.


7) Not knowing when to walk away

Finally, know when the relationship has run its course and call it quits. 

Some sugar arrangements have an expiry date – after all, even good things have to come to an end.

Solution: Don’t force yourself to stay in the sugar relationship if it’s no longer working. You will just be unhappy and this will make it more difficult to leave later.

We hope this list of mistakes will help current and potential sugar daddies as they navigate the sugar bowl. 

If you have any advice you would like to contribute, do let us know in the comments section. We’re sure all the sugar daddies out there would appreciate it.

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